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LUKE Haynes  Follow your passions with humility and a few well timed jokes.


2012. When I rented a hall and created a fake gallery so I could have my “first New York solo show” I learned a lot and made some good work. “The American Context”

“Explain to me again why your feet need to be at the end of the bed?!” -Grampa

The example I made at one of the very first classes I taught. Started as three shirts.

Quilt as kinetic sculpture. (That shadow though)

I’m. So. EXCITED!!! I’m doing a collaboration with @katebanazi !!! if you don’t know her work already take a gander! It’s so stellar! I was lucky enough to visit her studio this past spring in Sydney.

Looking back through old work to influence my innovations as this year progresses. I don’t remember when this was made but I love the lack of control over the outcome. Helps me feel like I’m drawing.

The roommates. (Update: sprinkle is doing so well after her emergency surgery to remove thread. Purring and being an all around nice lady)

Bread experiments! I let this dough rise in the mixing bowl of the kitchen aid. It still worked and now for the rest of my life I’ll save one bowl of washing!!! (Sourdough with steel cut oats)

This is a good photo of the quilt I’ve been using for my “I didn’t make this” project my intention with this project is to inspire dialogue and learn. It’s NOT my purpose to impose doctrine from the fields of arts onto crafts. Just because there’s precedent doesn’t make it infallible, however I do think it important to have thought experiments as a community to challenge paradigm.
I hire help in order that I can make the work that it’s important for me to make. My hiring practices aren’t perfect, but I do try and come to a mutually beneficial agreement for me and my team. There’s a gray area around authorship in some peoples mind. My thought is that if the work wouldn’t be made without my bidding and the team got their preferred return then it’s my work. If the work took skills that I don’t possess and I didn’t pay/barter/trade then it’s a collaboration and the other makers share space on the label and as owners. I’m always open to the thoughts of others (as long as you are civil and are open to dialogue). this quilt, I didn’t have any part in the making and am attempting to draw out conversation by using it as my material for my practice. What would you think if I put it in a museum with my name on it? What if I burned it? What if I threw it away? Sold it to a stranger for the $2 I bought it for? What would my actions bring to the object in terms of value or authorship? (I recognize that this medium of conversation is fraught since it’s a photo and the photo itself can be considered art but pretend instead you are within the frame with me. What then is the object? Is it mine? #notmyquilt18

Fitting shirt I think as it relates to this project using not my work to create art. (Attempt to anyway) #notmyquilt18 “I didn’t make this”


“Child in a straw hat” a piece I made in 2012 for my first NY solo show “the American Context” (scroll for the original painting by Mary Cassatt)

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