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LUKE Haynes  There are no hobbies, just passions. Choose yours and give it your all.


Continuing the trend with central medallion layouts and exaggerated blocks, this lady has some nice movement in what reads as lines from the blocks and a heavy border to ground the more delicate shapes.

Oh man!! Check out @twoitinerantquilters project!! They are making a quilt (paper pieced because they are crazy) out of pieces of OTHER PEOPLES CLOTHING! That they are wearing! Then patching that hole. Wish I were near! I'd love to participate! So great!!

Took a Long bike ride!! Mostly felt great....not pictured: the 30 miles of gravel "highly maintained bike trail". I learned a few things about biking: gravel sucks to ride a road bike on and not all internet reviewers have the same set of review criterion as may be expected....

Adding another row of blocks seems to add a layer of complexity from the last one. To me, I see circles inside of squares or a layering of platforms like a pyramid. 90" all #recycled materials (red centers in each block so you can see the pattern)

Does your body ever rebel? I spent the past two days inside playing a game on my phone (and trying not to feel guilty about it) I think there's been too many adventures in a row. I've run out of giveadamn. #grampscarf is here to keep me company.

My cute ma and me! At the @sex.icecream opening in Des Moines a few weeks ago!

Changing the huge 4 blocks to the next square number 16 there emerges some echo to the forms. 90" all #recycled clothing/fabric

Look...I don't wanna talk about it. Feel free to leave a "seems like a theme" or an "are you doing a country wide tour of mechanics?" If all goes well than I'll be able to be like my neighbors growing up in Mississippi and have cars on blocks in my lawn.

That time we watched the sun set over the red rocks of Utah and a piece of my art kept us out of the wind.

90" all recycled textiles. This is the exact pattern as the last one except the size of the pieces in the rows are inverse. 4 blocks at 45"

#Grampscarf doesn't seem to mind the new "minimalism"

A HUGE inspiration for me is El Anatsui @anatsuiel he makes textile work from what would have been garbage parts. Discarded bottle caps and wrappers into very large installations. (This one is probably 30')

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