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Ariane  Living the island dream with @kudosurf.

Australia and its very tasty beers... this one is my favorite!🍻

"When was the last time you let someone read your soul without the urge to close the book?" #ihavethisthingfordoors

A wonderful day spent driving down the southern coast of Sydney, capped by a jump off this waterfall straight into the lagoon below.

I generally avoid tourist spots because I'm very allergic to crowds. But friends insisted on taking me to the harbor. While this was beautiful, I was more keen to see Sydney's beaches!

Peelers and sunshine 😍 so much fun!

I have not proclaimed love for any city until now... Melbourne is amazing!

This looks really trippy, specially after you've had 5 cups of coffee...☕️

This city is such a delightful treat!

Can't say I will miss the weather, but thanks for the rad times, Bells.

Foggy Victorian afternoon

White babies are sooo cute! This little one, called Fox, kept running around and falling down without crying. Such a trooper! @sariesnor told me I'm not allowed to bring him back to the Peens...😂

Mornings in Jan Juc

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