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Chicky Tendy  That’s my handle THE PERFECT WOMEN Wednesdays 8pm west coast time on adultswim.com/streams

This weekend I got a sweet baby kitty named Binx & he’s the cuddliest & cutest cat in the world. Thank you @catcafelounge for letting me hang out with & adopt such a massive sweetheart. I’m so in love 😭

The mommies have rebranded to something much more sinister...much more twisted....much more satanic.....
streams at the same time Wednesdays 11e/8pst on adultswim.com/streams & y’all can still submit ur profiles to get critiqued to roastmemommies@gmail.com XD XD XD

Rude bitch headshot catalog shot by @jah.nny

Here’s all my talents: drawing, painting, singing, dancing, jokes, puns, improvising, writing, molding, picking, growling, being nice, algebra, smoking weed, using Microsoft excel, clown makeup

America’s Online Sweethearts are back at it again tonight at 8 pt on adultswim.com/streams 🚺🆒🚺🆒🚺🆒🚺🆒 submit ur social profiles to roastmemommies @ gmail. com to be examined & condemned & quarantined

Stoners night bay bee

Come to @stonersnight.la this Saturday night to watch me perform gettin ripped live! Footage & zine by @jah.nny release party

live strange loop performance called “John Cage 420 2” at @stonersnight.la on 2/16/19

Well well well our little show officially has a name:
ROAST ME MOMMIES (@roastmemommies)
Tune in tonight at 8pm west/11pm east to see us hang out & act casual 😈

Dancing my heart out....for you....tonight, tomorrow & every day (sunday)

Comedy genius’s coming back to y’all’s internet for FREE next WEDNESDAY at 11et /8pst & again and again after that! Why did adult swim dot com slash streams give us a show? Because I asked them to. Thanks. Tune in please.

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