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"EGlo"☀️️  20⚡️ "Questo è L'effetto Farfalla" IE California🌴

As cold as winter is ❄️🌨

Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours, Happy Purging and God Bless America 🇺🇸 (can yall tell Halloween is my favorite holiday?)😂👹

Purgers 🔪 & a Mermaid 🐟 vs. some skinheads who do you think won?😂😏

Peanut-Butter 🔎🌧

Come over when youre sober 🐣

lol bc the bottom half of my pants were wet from the beach 😂💀

I aint got energy to argue, got no energy to talk about it, got nothing to say but just shake my head sometimes, lifes what you make it and id like to make mine easy as can be 🍾🙏🏼 #simplethoughts

Time is valuable, spend your time doing what you love with those who you love, people love to take your time and never give back, people will ruin your time and never make it up, you control your time and where it goes.... choose it with wisdom and dont look back 👏🏼

Easily the craziest experience ever, falling from 13 thousand feet, i been living like theres no tommorow and i cant help but just enjoy every minute of it😈😈💯💨

Life's gR8☀️ #lookbackatit

Live Fast💨, Die Slow 💀

MakeoutHillXXX 💀

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