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annie <3  hi i am a nursing student and a league of legends casual ^_^ i don't use this much because filters change me LUL β™‘ twitch.tv/enluna β™‘


went to this cute garden with lights and adorable couple benches and fairies and even marshmallows and hot chocolate for the cold... it was so adorable i am so happy ;v;

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D πŸŽ„β˜ƒπŸŽ…β„πŸ’ž It's been an amazing year with ups and downs but I'm so grateful for all my friends and family and all the support from everyone even though I've practically disappeared off the face of the planet for a few months at a time I APPRECIATE YOU ALL ;~; (also yes me and Albert are back together for people asking since we decided to try the LDR thing again!!) hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and amazing food and spends time with their loved ones! :)

happy december everybody! :)

Oops forgot a caption LUL it's albert's 21st birthday today so here's an old picture from when we were 18 :D too bad i'm stuck at work...

I miss you

Me and Albert and some other friends went to the cutest bakery called Breeze Bakery!! They have really good bread and pastries and bingsoo and bubble tea I highly recommend :D Albert brought his Nintendo Switch and we were playing games on it looking like idiots to the rest of the public but it was super fun ^_^

it me in my student nurse scrubs :D practicing at simulation labs for my clinicals because i have no idea what i'm doing LOL... i've been so busy with school i feel like 24 hours isn't enough in the day T_T one day I'll have a life again...

old picture ^_^ haven't been able and won't be able to stream because of nursing school but i will miss it so much :(

rem is best girl :) where is re:zero season two?! i haven't watched anime in so long i just wanna watch s2 and support my girl rem ;_; also albert is way too pretty LUL

no makeup and crooked teeth... but i found the cutest star guardian lux at magfest in maryland ^_^ i love conventions!! it's snowing though so i am freezing my butt off gg

tfw boyfriend gets sick of staying still to take pictures and eventually ignores you for his video game 😭😭😭😭😭 pls notice me senpai πŸ’– deleted the other picture because it was so ugly i couldn't stand it LMAO

old picture with me and my friend... how did this parking lot know we were both diamond 5?! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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