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The Warrior Entrepreneur  Together, we will beat resistance, TAKE ACTION daily, be a BETTER LEADER and get more done. Discipline = Freedom! Let's do this!! (Alcohol free)

Lei was displeased. She say I come Disneyland and never smile. I just keep pointing at random things I think are funny. I told her Disneyland is a magical place for people to relive their childhood and my childhood was about pointing at things that amuse me. Then lei pointed at me and she said I amuse her. I don't know how to reply. So I left her in Disneyland. Maybe I go find her tmr. She may have turned into a princess who owns a castle. After all, magical things happen in Disneyland.


Bought a 1% stake in Disney. Here to check on our investment. #investorlifestyle #TrueStory

Late night 7.30pm here in Disneyland Paris. Leila and I decide to take some Pirates of Caribbean ride. We sit at the front. Our greatest concern is getting wet. Towards the end of the ride, our boat stops suddenly and rams into the boat at the front. Then both boats stop. We sit in darkness. Then our boat starts moving backwards on its own. Everyone is clueless. It's like pirates are gonna eat us up. Then the lights come on. The ride has malfunctioned. It's hilarious coz stuck here in this boat in the middle of this ride delivers the best WiFi spot in the whole of Disneyland Paris. So I can slowly type this long ass FB status. It's been 20 mins, I am still in the boat. I think I might have to swim out of this ride.

The gym at Disneyland Paris would make Mikey and Minnie scream. Looks like it was last visited in 1977 by whoever.

Walked in 0 degrees weather to Chinatown. Found it empty. Learnt something new. Chinese people don't work on Chinese New Year Day 1. You live and learn. Especially when you are Chinese too.

Watching a play about court in a courtroom.

Not getting much love from this blonde chick. She is definitely a practicing stoic. Very non-expressive face. She needs clearing.

I don't understand why there are so many people standing and looking into our house. Calm down people, yes I live in a palace. Get used to it.

3 BIG THOUGHTS. If you are in the UK for CNY, is it still CNY? Second, do babies have a secret club we adults aren't part of? On the plane, one baby started crying then suddenly all the babies throughout joined in the symphony until we had an entire orchestra of ever-louder baby screams all flight long. One starts, everyone participates. Finally, if you tell yourself it's not cold, can you stay warm? It's 0 degrees outside and I have my thin airism Uniqlo t-shirt on. I just tell myself it's not cold. Seems to help. Anyway, happy whatever day it is. Kiss your loved one or your crush or your boss today!!! #vday

Flying again. Less than 24 hrs after coming back from Bintan.

Thank you for allowing me to provoke your explosive growth and transformation, 8iH. You will be legends.

Today I went to JB with @josiahtan_. We were invited to a royal room within one of the fanciest hotels. Jo exuded so much trust and lovingness he was handed a special child. Jo and the child bonded instantly. I insisted they remember the moment via a shot in the imperial room. This is the magical moment when they both connected. Tell me this is not the cutest pic you have ever seen. I can't wait for Jo to have his own royal baby.

If you don't believe in a 3 min workout, you must not have swung this baby 100+ times. BE MORE EFFICIENT. You don't have to live in the gym to be fit.

Met Michael the real estate guru today and he blew our mind with the tech advancements happening in China. Wow! Comment below if you wanna find out more.

The start of my non alcohol life. Mocktails now. Is it still sex on the beach if there is no rum/whisky? Maybe called "safe sex on the beach"??

NO MORE ALCOHOL - I had time also to reflect here in solitude in BKK. I thought about drinking and the effects its had on my wallet and health. I drink only socially but I feel the consequences too. After deep contemplation, I have decided that I will put an end to any alcohol consumption. If my mentor Bill can do it at his age, then surely I can too. This is not an easy choice because my dear friend @doseofbenny runs a bar with good beer, but I choose to do this for my health and clarity of mind. Let's meet up to drink water and green juices, friends!

WHY THEY Are SO RICH - I am at Took Lae Dee Restaurant here on Soi 16. They serve Thai food but unlike other restaurants, they are packed to the brim. How do they compete? What makes them special? Well, first they have an open bar concept. You can watch your food made at the bar. That is pretty darn cool - and mind you, they have engineered it in such a way you can see the chefs cook but not feel the heat. Second, it's open 24 hours a day and the food is clean and made fresh. Third, it's darn reasonably priced. Fourth, I swear they have enrolled all the hotels in the area coz everyone, when I ask where to eat Thai food, points here. Add all these together and you have a biz that makes mega money.
LIKE THIS? Comment below! Wanna see who got value from this, and hear from YOU!

One meal a day. Get all my carbs and protein and fats via ONE EPIC MEAL A DAY. I find it floods me with energy and saves me $$ and time. Who else does 1 meal a day??

2am - We worked till 2am two nights in a row and crafted a clear detailed plan. I strongly believe these guys are gonna make history. Onward, 8VIC. #8vic

My friends at Value Investing College opened a new office in Thailand. Big congrats to them as they SCALE SCALE SCALE!

Here in BKK. Getting after it. COMMENT BELOW if you are hustling your face off this Monday. No slackers allowed.

Here in JB. Brought no Malaysian money. Fasting. Eating nothing but air. Yet doing very well. I am evidence this fasting thing works. DO YOU FAST?????

Real Talk: So many people have ALREADY QUIT. Many set fitness goals for 2018, but I can tell you that after the first 3 weeks of Jan, the gym starts to empty out. People puss out and let their commitments go. Comment below NOW if you are still hustling and exercising. I wanna see how many of my close to 9000 followers are TRUE ACTION TAKERS. Or just talkers.

@thehealthylei doing swings with my 14kg kettlebell. She is getting as strong as a strong person. Wow. Give her 100 likes please because we love strong people and women, girls and boys. I am proud of your overwhelming strength @thehealthylei

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