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Melvin X  I use this platform to share great lessons I have learnt from great minds. Please feel free to share, comment and pass it on.

6 BUCK CASIO WATCH FROM ARMY EMART - I wear this watch to remind myself that I got to where I am today by hard work. No silver spoon, started with no uni degree, no experience and working from the ground up. And the way forward is with more hard work. Having money is great, but having humility, remembering where you came from and staying focused on what truly matters is, to me, more important. I will stick with my 6 buck emart casio watch, thank you.

THE WHOLE 30 - Bill Allen lost 30+ kg eating only whole foods. I can learn a few things from the big man.

PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH - I shared last year at a private Life By Design event that the greatest breakthrough in your life comes by doing that which is not as familiar to you. Doing more of what you are good at is well... not gonna be much of a breakthrough. Working out is what I do daily. But now, I am embarking on a deep, very deliberate revamp of my diet. So this is me taking my own advice and doing what is not YET as comfortable to me.


What I picked up from Gary was ironically NOT his 1-hr long keynote. But in small comments he made in our Diamond Lounge Q n' A.
1. "I pump my money back into my company to grow it to a BILLION."
Most entrepreneurs see the business as a cash machine used to fund their lifestyle of buying shit. Gary does the opposite. He loves the life so much he takes his money and puts it BACK into the business.
2. "Stop being selfish"

Are you likes obsessed? Or are you truly replying people and making a connection with the people who comment ... and designing content that truly serves them?

3. "The process is the goal"

Gary mentions he's in love with the game. Many are in love only with the outcome. What do you focus on.

4. "Is it a good day or a bad day?"
The CEO of Pepsi cancelled on him. He won't see her till 2019. Yet its not a bad day. It's another day in the office. Part of the game.

I have at least 5-6 more tips.

Hope we have coffee next time and I get to share these with you.
P.S. Like this? Comment below. I read and reply to every comment, as my long term followers will tell ya.

Gary @garyvee shared on speaking your truth. But I really wanted a pic with @drock... Behind every successful star brand name is someone working relentlessly to make it happen. D rock, you rock. @josiahtan_ I love ya.

You always find time for what you value in life. #discipline

I use a lot of colourful post-its during class. Having fun with @kencheesg, @lynnelovelife and Evan! #rewealth


If you aspire to achieve, you need a tight accountability system. Here with 8iH and 8VIC and folks have gotten lots done because they hold each other accountable.

Another review session with them, with more success stories and momentum forward.


Had a wonderful time with Kevin and his amazing team. I wanna Kev for putting this together for his people, and it's a true testament to how much he cares about them and how forward thinking he is as a leader. I don't come cheap, and I don't agree to do these retreats for many people. But when I saw how much Kev cared about his team, I said yes. Won't reveal what we covered during the session, but it was most gratifying seeing Kev and his team find their greatness and rekindle the fire inside them. Rock on guys, and see ya soon!

YOU WANT THE HOW, BUT YOU NEED MORE THE WHY AND THE WHO.... You want the HOW to change your life and make more income. But you will only do what's uncomfortable when you have A DAMN GOOD WHY and you make a DEEP IDENTITY SHIFT to become the type of person who will take action.
Giving you a sneak peak into the in depth session I am doing with superstar @gokevingoh and his team.
Do you agree?

MANSION TO EXPANSION - - Doing a bungalow retreat session for my sales superstar buddy @gokevingoh as he takes his team, vision and goals to new heights. Was pleasantly surprised by how amazing, modern, clean and new this place is. @lynnelovelife - this place rocks!

I got this interview with Rawson done! Did my best to ask some awesome questions. Bill and Marshall both said the interview was great - 13 minutes of pure gold.
>> COMMENT BELOW if you want the YouTube link. I'll send it to you once we upload it. I know you will be VERY inspired by this short interview.

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