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Enlightened Hustler  To bring financial equality to humanity through #blockchain technology so we can all thrive.


Today I took an "L" but tomorrow I'll bounce back. #winning

What many don't understand about the many God's of the Hindu and Yoga traditions is that they each represent the expressions of how the divine work through our minds and our different thought patterns, not external dieties. In fact, they believe the different dieties are actually different expression of the one Supreme "That I am, I am That". Sound familiar? I am that I am?

For example, here is Lord Ganesha. The "god" or expression of education, wisdom, and wealth that helps us overcome obstacles.
The more we know the symbolism, not idolatry the more we understand each other and as Ganesha represents the more wisdom we can use in overcoming our objections to one another, and our self.

We are taught to believe we are separate from the universe, the world, and each other. Longing to have control approval and belonging because of our dual consciousness. Not realizing that we did not come into this world, this world chose to become us. We are the world the universe and existence itself.
We are not separate from, WE ARE. All we want is us. We are the fruits from the roots. We are what we are seeking.

Merry Christmas Eve Facebook family. I hope you all have a great day and feel the spirit of The Christ in your hearts. I love you all.

Many times we hold onto past successes that have fun their course, past relationships that have fun their course, past situations that are no longer with us. Or we may run around in WANT of the same. Yet, with each of these lounging we become detached from the power that we have to create them. In these moments ask yourself.

Can I welcome this longing I am resisting? Can I let go of this resistance? Will I let go of it? When?
When we can attain the state of power, wealth, and love these questions connect us to we move past wanting into the power of having.
Peace be with you, my friends!

Battling an alcohol and/or a drug addiction is a beast for the one addicted and for those who love them. So I am asking you to stand with me in prayer for every family member and friend who has lost their battle with alcohol or drugs and those who continue to conquer it! Put this on your page for one hour if you, yourself or you know someone who has an addiction. Many will be hesitant to copy and paste this. Stay strong!! Love and peace and prayers!

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? As the great philosopher Immanuel Kant stated,
Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.
And since excellence is what we repeatedly do only education that leads to wisdom can bread excellence and fulfillment. Education is the progressive realization of our own ignorance.
Therefore our path to freedom is counter intuitive.

It is to become so wise that while we have a well ordered life we live in awe of the spectacle of the universe and the realization that we will never really know anything. Only our own relationship with it.

This does not make #money the problem. It makes coercive control and a violation of individual liberty, under the guise of morality, a problem. It is the tool of the #elite to control and coerce, not liberate our communities.

Its not about money, its about energy.

What is normal can never be exceptional. #gobig

Always remember, your comfortable zone isn't so comfortable, and your dreams aren't nightmares. Live into your dreams.

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