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Enlightened Hustler  To bring financial equality to humanity through #blockchain technology so we can all thrive.

Happy juneteenth to all of the ancestors of slaves. May we all keep upholding and moving forward the legacy of those who fought against inhuman treatment of our brothers and sisters, and may we all contribute to the fight.

The purpose of business is to help those we serve fulfill their life's purpose by providing the necessities and fulfilling the desires necessary to reach their highest potential. When we do that for them, they do it for us in return.
That's why I love crypto, it's democratizing that process.

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We are all in this together.

Remember this, the world you sense is actually entirely a creation of your mind. You choose it's meaning. You choose what you see. The entire Universe is created within each of us.
One love, create the world you love.

It's been a challenging couple of days, getting news we do not want to hear and doing our best. Truth is, I know God has us, and more enlightenment is on its way.

Follow your fears. They show you what you value.

See even those you compete with as your allies, and your world will become love.

Live your life like it's the only one you'll ever have, because it is.

Without your brain there is nothing that you experience as reality, that means nearly all of your reality is created within you. Not out there. So, change the inner world and your experience of your outer world has to change. It also means that your current reality is your own creation. So, from here, what do you choose to.create? How do you choose to live? Will you take responsibility for your reality, and give others the same responsibility in your life?
How will that change your experience?

In times of change learners will inherit the earth while the educated fund themselves equipped for a reality that no longer exists.

So often we let life convince us that we are incapable, yet we are far more capable than we will ever know.

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