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Tanner  World traveler ✈️ Austin, Texas I don't always see the comments Matthew 10:32-33

One day I promise you, I will have that house in Spain I've always wanted. I will be retired and have several horses and my view will be of the ocean.

What's everyone doing for #Sxsw , this time last year I was in New Orleans and I'm really excited to be in Austin for it this year! #atx

Zip lining at diamanté was a blast! We got to do the "Superman" which was one mile long and over 300ft in the air. It took almost a full minuet to clear the gorge. That was the first time in my life I did something that was heights related and had no fear, no anxiety, no anticipation. The entire time I was smiling and felt completely at peace. It's amazing the changes that can take place in someone's life.

This is the best picture I have of it, but I got to be apart of a play called The Thorn this past week. It was so amazing to work along side such talent women, men and children. All their tirelessly hard work poured out into every performance that told the story of love. I pray hearts were touched and lives changed. If there is anything going on in your life right now and you'd like some extra support. You are thinking to yourself "I can't do this alone". Say something below. I want you to know we are all here for one another in life.

We went fishing in the sea today and I finallllly managed to catch a tiny fish. This missions trip has been such an amazing experience filled with spiritual growth. I've learned a lot about myself and those around me. I feel so much more in-tune with God and what my life's purpose is. I love you all and thanks to everyone who was a part of such an amazing milestone for me.

Better photos to come soon - HOWEVER. I've spent the past several days with @jdhuff40 and @rkahn11 building this house for a family who basically have nothing. I was BEYOND exhausted at the end of the day and wanted to go pass out. A group of us played worship music live and started to pray over on another. I was so tired I really wanted to go to bed, but said "okay I'll participate". After we all started to pray and the music was playing the entire atmosphere in the room changed. Many of us, including myself, began to cry our eyes out and just really feel God in the room. I gave up something important and dark that had been plaguing my heart. I've not felt as at peace, loved, and happy as I do in this moment. I encourage you to Take an honest inventory and reflect on what's holding you back. What's in you life that shouldn't be there. Maybe it's a behavior, an addiction. Or maybe it's a person you can't bring yourself to separate from that is causing you pain over and over and over. Gods accepting and un quitting love is such a powerful thing. I deeply love all of you as if you were my own brothers and sisters and want to see you flourish. Let's remove these cancerous things from our lives and live in true love.

We went to a small church in Martina Bustos today and did a play for the kids / had games with different prizes. They were calling me the "Painted man" and continually touched my arms; They wanted to be held and hugged. It was so beautiful to see their faces, pray over them all, and feel the presence of God around that area. They were all having so much fun and have such different daily problems than us in America. Remember that no matter what God loves you. You cannot do anything better or anything worse to change that love. He loves you because, he loves you, because he loves you, because he loves you. We can all change this world, change our communities EVERYDAY, by demonstrating love in our words and actions. There's power in our spoken words so don't waste them with anything but loving things. @Rachel_garcia

God's presence is everywhere; The world will give you back whatever it is you seek. Do nothing but pour love out.

The past three months have been the happiest I think I've been my whole life. I deleted my Facebook and snapchat app. I'm hardly on instagram and just living life. Im so thankful for all the amazing and supportive people who've been around me / been here through the Internet. God had blessed me beyond belief and I still cant believe how far I've come in life. From doing heroin on the streets of jersey to running a business and traveling the world. I love all of you. And you're worthy of love.

The day I got baptized.

3 more weeks. I come on here less and less, and I've been doing much more amazing things in real life. It's weird; somewhere along the way last year i just really quit caring about followers and stuff as social media chained me down. Now I just post when I feel moved to, or log on when im showing friends things. There's a big bright world out there waiting to be seen. Start looking up more and open your eyes.

What was your most memorable moment of 2016? Tell me I want to know. Good, bad, or indifferent; I want to know what impacted you this year. #laos

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