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❤️ Culebra P.R. I always feel the most alive while traveling.

I've had a few thoughts on my head this week, but the paramount one is; "people are not against you, they're for themselves". It can be difficult to keep calm when we are disrespected. When people say or do something mean. After all its only to want acceptance and love. When we are treated this way by others, it is so important to realize they are not maliciously trying to attack us. They are simply acting out to feel better about themselves, they're trying to mend their invisible wounds, boost their self esteem. That person is desperately trying to fill whatever emotional void is inside them In unhealthy ways . Now we have a choice on how we respond. When we shift the way we think, and no longer get upset when this happens; when we choose to forgive and love them INSTEAD of attack back. That's when you touch hearts and changes lives. That's when you, you are able to change the world. Everyday we have the chance to change the world through or reactions, responses, and interactions with others. I thank god continually for where he's put me today, and I pray I can serve in anyway to help people know him. All god wants for you is to be loved, healthy, and happy.

** Warning ** long personal "taboo" post
It's Good Friday! Today Jesus died from crucifixion. In two days, On Easter Sunday he will rise again. Jesus is recognized and acknowledged by three major religions Christianity/Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism. He is even accredited as a real historical person by many scholars; however, only one of these faiths recognize him as the son of god. I've seen miracles on earth happen. I've witnessed inoperable terminal cancers dissipate to nothing without treatment. I've watched as man was supposed to be paralyzed for life, stood up and moved. Ive also seen my own life transformed, and that is a miracle. Six years ago I was an IV heroin addict. I couldn't maintain a job, I kept getting arrested, and was destroying everything around me. I resorted to adult entertainment (porn) to pay for my addiction, and would use anything to numb my pain. I even got to the point of attempted suicide but the hospital saved my life. I felt hopeless and abandoned. I wanted help but didn't know how, so I tried pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, just going to church, and just smoking. Nothing worked until I turned my life over to god. I know live a happy, joyous, and productive life. It breaks my heart when I say the word God and people shut down. They say "to hell with Christians. Their religion is bull. Its filled with hypocrisy, bigotry, death, judgement" ect. This is all because A few misguided people twisted the Bible. These men and women who claimed Christian condemned you, and hurt you. They tainted the idea of God. This is wrong. The basis of Christianity is to live a Christ-like life. This means loving one another, helping the destitute, not judging anyone, not lying, cheating, or stealing, but having a healthy spirit! These are things anyone of any background can appreciate, it's making the world a better place through our words and actions. Today, on this Good Friday I hope these words touch someone. To my friends of faith remember the importance of the cross, it's the cornerstone to Christianity. To those of mine who are struggling, or hate the concept of "religion" I love you so so so much, all the same.

Likes, comments, cars, money, a fake social persona; these things don't make you "cool". These things do not account for your self worth. It breaks my heart to see those people who live their lives inside a box. Barred in by the thoughts of others, and the want of acceptance. I'm really trying hard to make all my interactions with others genuine. Having real conversations, doing real deeds and not posting about them for attention. At our core all humans want is love, and to be loved. We fill that hole with various things, either the aforementioned virtual things. Or more material like Sex, drugs, and alcohol; to alter how we feel. I want you to know you are loved. And i pray that you get to a place of self love where you never want to change how you feel. Where you completely accept who you are and no ones opinions influence that. God is always here willing and waiting to help us if we let him. #EndIncoherentRant

One day I promise you, I will have that house in Spain I've always wanted. I will be retired and have several horses and my view will be of the ocean.

What's everyone doing for #Sxsw , this time last year I was in New Orleans and I'm really excited to be in Austin for it this year! #atx

Zip lining at diamanté was a blast! We got to do the "Superman" which was one mile long and over 300ft in the air. It took almost a full minuet to clear the gorge. That was the first time in my life I did something that was heights related and had no fear, no anxiety, no anticipation. The entire time I was smiling and felt completely at peace. It's amazing the changes that can take place in someone's life.

This is the best picture I have of it, but I got to be apart of a play called The Thorn this past week. It was so amazing to work along side such talent women, men and children. All their tirelessly hard work poured out into every performance that told the story of love. I pray hearts were touched and lives changed. If there is anything going on in your life right now and you'd like some extra support. You are thinking to yourself "I can't do this alone". Say something below. I want you to know we are all here for one another in life.

We went fishing in the sea today and I finallllly managed to catch a tiny fish. This missions trip has been such an amazing experience filled with spiritual growth. I've learned a lot about myself and those around me. I feel so much more in-tune with God and what my life's purpose is. I love you all and thanks to everyone who was a part of such an amazing milestone for me.

Better photos to come soon - HOWEVER. I've spent the past several days with @jdhuff40 and @rkahn11 building this house for a family who basically have nothing. I was BEYOND exhausted at the end of the day and wanted to go pass out. A group of us played worship music live and started to pray over on another. I was so tired I really wanted to go to bed, but said "okay I'll participate". After we all started to pray and the music was playing the entire atmosphere in the room changed. Many of us, including myself, began to cry our eyes out and just really feel God in the room. I gave up something important and dark that had been plaguing my heart. I've not felt as at peace, loved, and happy as I do in this moment. I encourage you to Take an honest inventory and reflect on what's holding you back. What's in you life that shouldn't be there. Maybe it's a behavior, an addiction. Or maybe it's a person you can't bring yourself to separate from that is causing you pain over and over and over. Gods accepting and un quitting love is such a powerful thing. I deeply love all of you as if you were my own brothers and sisters and want to see you flourish. Let's remove these cancerous things from our lives and live in true love.

We went to a small church in Martina Bustos today and did a play for the kids / had games with different prizes. They were calling me the "Painted man" and continually touched my arms; They wanted to be held and hugged. It was so beautiful to see their faces, pray over them all, and feel the presence of God around that area. They were all having so much fun and have such different daily problems than us in America. Remember that no matter what God loves you. You cannot do anything better or anything worse to change that love. He loves you because, he loves you, because he loves you, because he loves you. We can all change this world, change our communities EVERYDAY, by demonstrating love in our words and actions. There's power in our spoken words so don't waste them with anything but loving things. @Rachel_garcia

God's presence is everywhere; The world will give you back whatever it is you seek. Do nothing but pour love out.

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