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#Tanner Simpson  Stay committed to your vision ๐ŸŽฑ๐Ÿ’ 

well peeps this is the end of my Instagram road on this account. I've been working on a very special project for the past couple years which is finally starting to blossom. long story short I'm starting everything over and letting it grow organically. if you want to follow my new account dm me. peace love and harmony to everyone! thanks for following me through the years!

New tricks. Sorry for crappy film quality it was for snap chat. Follow me @enjoimylife #skate #skatelife #afskatepark #iloveskateboarding

Love my mama ๐Ÿ’™ hahah #family

This is weird right???๐Ÿ‘ฝ #ufo #aliens #maybe

Me and the homie @jakejohnson__________ skating with no shoes ๐Ÿ˜‚ hahaha ๐Ÿ“ฝ @jack_kleinfuker also I'm stoked you finally mustered the courage to hit the rail for the first time! I think all us skaters will remember the first day we ever did a hand rail! Congrats buddy #aflocalsrepresent #afskatepark #skateboarding #skatelife #stokedforthiswarmweather #bluebird @flatspotter

Light always passes through darkness. (Like a candle in a dark room) To wake one must but spark the fire Burried within from the winds of time. The veil is nothing but a cover up of our bountius fruits that lie in the moment of all.
What is time but the evolution of a cycle? What is a cycle? an evolution of a problem that's already been fixed.(time is relative) You're not broken, just being built in they "eye" of the all knowing. The all knowing is you. You are the universe. You are everything you think you are. So why not choose to create yourself in your own image? To be a sun to light up the world in darkness. To truly create is gods greatest gift to all. It all rooted from 1, and we all can tune into it's vibration.. But first one must open himself up completely to the light. But never forget your shadow, for your shadow is the darkness (the soil) in which every seed is cultivated. Everybody has their own trials, which make us unique. It's time to Embrace your demons, learn from them and accept who you are. Spread your roots and enjoy the journey.. In this moment one will find what they've always been looking for. Peace and love which blooms into perfect harmony

Its been a while since ive posted on here. I swear i say this every time i post ๐Ÿ™ˆ hahah But i just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all the things i love in my life. All my friends and family who have stuck with me through my trials.. These past couple years have been kinda rough not gonna lie.. But in my darkest day i found that the dark is just like the soil in which our seed is cultivated. Without it there would be no growth.. We have to be in touch with our light and shadow aspects in order to find balance.. And once you find that balance, the essence of spirit (water) will take flight. Never give up! And never forget your roots.. As cliche as it sounds every battle, every struggle, every heart break makes you stronger and wiser.. Keep growing! Be the oak tree that stands strong through the winds of time. And always remember that everyone has there own struggles, their own trials, their own path and you can never judge someone because of it.. For such a long time i was bitter towards those that left me in the backround.. I reclused myself away writing music, because music was all i had.. Music didnt judge me.. But i lost an important part of who i was.. I forgot my roots.. And i became obsorbed in my hatred and i forgot the most important thing in life which is to love unconditionally.. But in order to love unconditionally you first must first love yourself.. Often times we get caught up in thinking that in order to be happy we need to attain something first.. But true happiness lies with in the simplist moments of remembering but letting go.. To trust that the future will be everything that you know you are.. I hope you are all doing well! (to all those i havent spoken with in a while) and i hope that you can take a moment to reach out to those you love, to remember those you may have forgoten.. Because everybody deserves to be remembered. Everybody deserves to be loved.. No matter what youve done.. The past is not who you are.. The past is but a path to your ever blooming growth..

Mark my words, a revolution is comming.. A revolution in music.. A revolution in conciousness. A revolution of self importance and the realization of the meaning of true life. Every single person regardless of color, shape, texture, gender has the right to love and express what makes them individuals.. Were all unique in this giant puzzle we call life.. But as soon as you abstrain from your true self, and try to fit in to societys mold, you lose the essence of who you are... So stop conforming to what people want you to be.. Cuz if you keep trying to be someone youre not, youll just have a bunch of coppies of the same puzzle piece of which youll never be able to see the bigger picture in its entirety. Youll never be able to see the clarity that comes from allowing yourself to truly be free. So keep dreaming! Keep going after your passions and the things that fill you with love and positivity.. People will tell you, you wont make it.. People will belittle and try to steal your faith.. But in your darkest day of persevearence youll realise that Life is a perfect storm, and the contrast is what makes the rainbow at the end so beautiful.. Never give up! Never give in! Cuz youre the only one that knows "your direction"
#yougottabewhoyouareinthisworld #studio #life #truelife #bliss #happiness #contentment @jarrettdecarlburns

Starting to get back in the groove of things. And sorry for crappy quality, just filmed it for snapchat. Add me :) @enjoimylife #skate #skateboarding #skatelife #skateeverydamnday #afskatepark

Skating is my happy place! Even when i eat shit which is most of the time lol i took a break from skating for a while to heal my body from extensive amounts of wear and tear but now that im back i cant explain how happy it makes me. I just love how skating allows you to express your individuality without being limited by how everyone else skates. You gotta be who you are in this world and ultimately never let go of what makes you happy! #skate #skatelife #happy #beyou #neverforgetyourroots

What should I name this trick? Lol. Thanks for filming @jboogsthethug #metrogramed #skateboarding #skate #afskatepark

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