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Eniye Aimienoho  👑🌺🇳🇬 —N a s h v i l l e— High Point University AΦΩ noble features,lithe-bodied champagne/coquito mami💋 cross between Olivia Pope & Rihanna🖤 ⚜️made me

If it isn’t obvious from my cheesy grin, this is my first time at Disney... and I’ll be 22 soon 💫🎠🏰

yeah that’s cool but she ain’t like me 💦💦

post grad is going blissfully if you ask me 👼🏾

I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology today cum laude. It still feels surreal and I’m even more in shock at the fact that I have been transformed and shaped into the woman I am today thanks to the wonderful friends I’ve made and continued to have and the people, professors, staff, mentors and others I’ve met. It wasn’t easy, I’ve felt pretty low over the past 4 years and I’ve also felt very high as well. But one thing I’m completely sure about— my future is bright as HELL. I know this because all the wonderful people in my life assure me of this each and everyday. Thank you @highpointu

“sound so smart like you graduated college...I’m so proud of you” -@champagnepapi
“Twice as good as them to get HALF of what they have.” -@joethemorton AKA PAPA POPE
#OneWeek #hpugrad2018

May 5th! 👩🏾‍🎓👸🏾 {magna cum laude 🗣} it’s been a wonderful 4 years. #HonorsAllOver #IssaCollegeGraduate #BeautyAndBrains #MostlyBrains #hpugrad2018

my foot, your neck.... never lettin’ up 👑

They say it's cuffin' season, baby, you ain't good enough 🍭

✝️ Easter Sunday mass with the broski 💛

TWENTY TWO FOR THE TURN UP. Happy birthday to my person and one of my best friends! So many memories over the past years (way tooo many, we always up to something) always glad to know you’re always there for me whether that’s when it comes to eating food, going to mass and hearing THAT good word, not hesitating to jump someone if needed, listening to me rant and cuss people out, travel to NOLA, Puerto Rico, or any future places, see all our favorite musicians with, or go on adventures and keeping me company when I’m feeling pretty low and life gets a little too much! ENJOY YOUR DAY BEAUTIFUL. ✨✨(you slick getting old)

YOU ARE TWENTY ONE!!! AYYYYY!! Happy birthday to one of my favorite people ever! I hope today has been an amazing day for you. Love you to the moon and back! Blessed to know you and call you my friend.

My sister from another mister... ALWAYS. 💛👑

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