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LAUREN ENGEL | Los Angeles  fitness. healthy lifestyle. food half american, half chinese ➵ living in LA, raised in hong kong ✉︎ ⌲ engelauren@gmail.com

I love living in LA and can’t see myself living anywhere else but the funniest thing I realized since moving here is that whenever I go to Hollywood the data network is always gone. Literally one of the most well known places in the world and to some seem glamorous but for some reason we can’t get online. Even some way out places in Bhutan I was even able to get online haha. But yesterday my WiFi was gone for an entire day and the area that I live in has bad data service as well welp. Working in data analytics and working from home I kept going to cafes but their data couldn’t work as well so had to drive far out for WiFi 🙈thank you for coming to my TedTalk haha. Photo by the talented @emilyaeyoung

SUNDAY FUNDAY BRUNCHDAY WOOOT 🍞🧀🥞Checked out @kreationjuice and confirmed it’s sooo tasty and nutritious :) had the avocado toast, bruschetta, breakfast potatoes, eggs Benedict #kreation #kreategoals

Mood: I’m still such an anxious driver haha last night I wanted to go to this fitness event in Sunset Strip but so much was permit parking and the street parking was 20 minutes welp I turned back and went home haha. Usually I don’t give up so easily but driving mostly parking stresses me out so much welp sigh. Photo: @camly.me

My second time ever in Beverly Hills! // wearing @nilandmon // Photo: @camly.me

Woooo it’s Sunday! What have you guys been up to this weekend? :)

Have you guys been to a fashion show? I went to my first one in LA at @adidasla x @mls at @citymarketsocialhouse! Been to a ton before in New York Fashion Week and Hong Kong. This collab presents Seams a fashion show that reimagines the 2019 MLS jerseys through four stylists. My fav was Sara at @Frankiecollective 😜

Is it just me or did yesterday’s Instagram being down made you so much more productive also haha? I guess thank you Mark? ;) Hello to my fav makeup brand @colourpopcosmetics :) did this look with the @bretmanrock and @karrueche eye shadow palettes and finished it off with a simple Wild Nothing matte lip ;)

I’m years late on the trend but açaí bowls are my new fav haha (haven’t heard of them since I moved to LA haha definitely didn’t have them when I was growing up in Hong Kong or maybe there is now haha if so someone comment below) stopped by @berrybowl the other day! Love this place because you can customize the bowls by layering all the base flavors that you want (and there are so many to choose from!)- tropical, pitaya, peanut butter, and blue majik and topped with hemp granola, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and honey. Sooo tasty 😋 #berrybowl

Haven’t boxed in years and finally was able to at @gloveworx! Love using boxing to release all my overthinking and things I’m going through ha ha ha. Also this @westfieldcenturycity set up is so cute! #beautyandbalance

Working out up in the hills with @cambrieschroder 💖✨

SWIPE!! I’ve been having so much fun looking at my old pictures and posting some #transformationtuesday but it’s somehow never Tuesday when I post? Haha. This series starting from the youngest picture I found of myself doing sports? I loveeeeed netball back then (comment below if you know what that is haha) the easy way I used to describe it is basketball without and backboard and you can only dribble once before passing. I was always goal defense or goal keeper cause I was already tall back then but I couldn’t shoot for my life (or maybe I was too anxious when the whole team depends on the person to score haha maybe that). Then back to my swimming days here I was owning it (YAY) in butterfly. It’s funny that at a relatively young age I was like I’m going to train hard in butterfly because people rarely compete in it and I was right hehe. Then last pic with trophy woooot! I think this is my second swipe and look back so check out my previous posts for the first one! I’m going to do a bunch more coming up these have been so fun to put together haha.

First time going to the Huntington Gardens! Can’t wait to see more of LA :) also I’m going to post more pictures to my page. Wearing @ativebrand set and @laneeight - obsessed! Pic: @emilyaeyoung

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