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haikyuu!! stage play  ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」 fan account for hyper projection's engeki haikyuu ↓ click the link below for my masterpost ↓


Kurita Manabu saw “Gifuu Doudou!!” today, and Love Rice performances ended safely; Arisawa Shoutarou (Kunimi) went to Toumyu practice (and expressed his love for his friends in his blog update, lol); and Kawasumi Bishin (Yamamoto) thinks he’s getting too addicted to Animal Crossing.

Sources: 3c_kurita, judai_shirakasi, yuki_matsunami, r_k_s_07 on Twitter; Arisawa-Shotaro, Bishin on Ameblo.

tags: #inohiroki #shirakashijudai #matsunamiyuuki #kosakaryotaro #arisawashotaro #kawasumibishin

Tsurimoto Minami (Moniwa) had another Candy Boy show today, and Nagata Takato (Kenma) came to see “Happy Market”!

Sources: yuki_matsunami, minami_candyboy, zenitsu_ on Twitter.

tags: #whatanicon #seriouslyilyyuuki #matsunamiyuuki #tsurimotominami #kosakaryotaro #hashimotozenitsu #nagatatakato

Photos from the DJ event Kawahara Kazuma (Ennoshita) participated in! He thanks Ishikura Noah (Lev) for coming with him.
Yesterday, Seven Skulls has their first performance; Gotou Takeru (Yaku) saw “Bug Busters;” and Takane Masaki (Komi) updated his blog and went to Toumyu practice.

Sources: kazuma093, ami_saito322, eichang1117, SORI0918, Mskng_dnc on Twitter; TakaneMasaki on Diamond Blog.

tags: #kawaharakazuma #ishikuranoah #saitoami #sugakenta #gotoutakeru #takanemasaki

rimorimoTV made another video! Yoshimoto Kouki (Bokuto)’s releasing a 2018 calendar that I believe you can only buy if you go to the “Yoshimoto no Moto” event. Higashi Takumi (Konoha) goes to practice to gain more acting experience; Nagao Shizune (Kiyoko) had a modeling job today (and she will talk about it on her blog later); Yuuki Kousei (Akaashi) will appear in the January issue of FINEBOYS; and Ino Hiroki (Suga) will head to Oofuri practice soon.

Sources: sadamomodayo, yoshimotokouki, higashi_takumi.310, nagaoshizune_official, kouseiyuki_official, hiroki_ino on Instagram; uchidashige on Twitter.

tags: #sadachimomoko #uchidashige #yoshimotokouki #higashitakumi #nagaoshizune #yuukikousei #inohiroki

Kosaka Ryoutarou (Tsukishima) and Hashimoto Zen’itsu (Kamasaki) thank everyone for the gifts and letters they’ve received; Nagao Shizune (Kiyoko) bought the Christmas Raspberry Mocha even though it’s November; and a new PV for the Touken Ranbu stage came out!
Wada Masanari (Prev. Yahaba) plays Heshikiri Hasebe.
Takeshi Naoki (Kai) plays Doudanuki Masakuni.

Sources: r_k_s_07, zenitsu_, takeshi__naoki on Twitter; nagaoshizune_official on Instagram; https://t.co/MYYlHmoW0t

tags: #kosakaryotaro #hashimotozenitsu #nagaoshizune #takeshinaoki #wadamasanari

Matsunami Yuuki (Sarukui) watched Yoshimoto Kouki (Bokuto)’s ZIP! episode; Fuchino Yuuto (Nishinoya) and Tsurimoto Minami (Moniwa) wish us a “Good morning;” and a festive video from Gotou Takeru (Yaku) and his sister from a few days ago to talk about their GROOVY ON Vol. 2 event!

Admin Update: Please note that I won’t be updating on the upcoming cast until there is an official announcement from Engeki Haikyuu!! This decision’s mainly for my sanity since I’ll have to update on fifteen new actors. (Should be fun, lol.)

Sources: yuki_matsunami, de___javu, Yuto_Fuchino, bloodlinesaaya on Twitter; yoshimotokouki, minami_tsurimoto_candyboy on Instagram.

tags: #yoshimotokouki #akisawakentaro #tsurimotominami #fuchinoyuuto #gotoutakeru #godidkwhenishoulddeletemyshitposts #maybeinaweekorso #dependsonwhenwegetanofficialannouncement #andillhavetoupdatethedochhhh

Arita Keiji!!!!! As stated earlier, he’s a well-seasoned volleyball player, and he’s a model for “Men’s Joker” kind of like how Kouki’s a model for “FINEBOYS.”
Oh btw he’s Ushijima lol


He has two cats and aww they’re so sweet.

Shitposting yayyayayatatataatatatata #haisutedeletelater

BABY SHUNGO❤️❤️❤️ (the new Akaashi)

Kageyama Tatsuya (Kageyama), Funaki Masahide (Terushima), and Tanaka Naoki (New Suga) were all part of the Prince of Stride stage together!!

Might as well shitpost about these PoS boys sorry for the disorganization okay byeeee

Another cast member that @fatimah_sambada translated:))

Kawatabi Shunki - Shouda Naodai
Twitter: Naohiro1223
Instagram: masadanaohiro
Special Skill: Dance

Here are some of our new cast members!!
(Will delete later when we get official info because I think that poster was leaked LMAO)

Sugawara Koushi - Tanaka Naoki
Twitter: NaokichiTamon
Special Skills: HIPHOP, jazz dance, baseball, and swordplay(?) (what’s that skill called where you’re good with a sword I don’t know BUT THAT)

Ushijima Wakatoshi - Arita Kenji
Twitter: kenji_arita
Instagram: kenji_arita_
Hobby: Watching movies.
Special Skill: Volleyball from secondary school to university

Terushima Yuuji - Funaki Masahide
Twitter: f_masa777
Hobbies: Watching anime (wow me), cycling.
Special Skills: Action, tennis, making things (like an engineer)

Akaashi Keiji - Takasaki Shungo
Twitter: shun5tksk1112
Hobby: Scuba diving.
Special Skills: Dance, piano

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