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Y’all... I feel compelled to tell you about these @goodr sunglasses. I swear this is #notanad, I’m just in love and today sealed the deal. First of all, these glasses are amazing for running / physical activity. They are SUPER light weight and DO.NOT slip. I am never having to push them up or adjust them. I’ve had other “running” sunglasses, but they always look like some bad rimless safety glasses from the 90s. I mean, If I have to be a sweaty mess, can’t my sunglasses at least be cute?! Goodr has a ton of cute styles, but this particular pair (Breakfast Run to Tiffany’s) is my fave. It truly looks good one everyone! I first purchased mine at the @dcwonderwomanrun in Tempe and I watched multiple people try on the same style. You guys, it was like Sisterhood of the Traveling Sunglasses - super cute and flattering on everyone that tried them on. Anyway, here I am, already a big fan and loving my sunglasses, when @miss_fenway_the_bernedoodle gets a hold of them. She is a super chewer (like, literally we have to buy her indestructible chew toys) and she tried to super chew her way through my sunglasses. 😭 She left teeth marks on them and bit through and cracked a lens but amazingly the glasses were still wearable. She bent one of the arms but I was able to pop it back in to place. Even though goodr glasses are super affordable, I had JUST bought them a few weeks ago, so I was totally gonna continue rocking my chewed up glasses. Other than the cracked lens they looked relatively okay unless you got close up. (And if you’re getting that close up to me while I’m running then we have a bigger problem!) and they still functioned. I just wanted to replace the cracked lens and contacted goodr’s customer service to find out if that was possible. I filled out a form and was told a replacement lens would be sent with instructions on how to pop the new one in. Went to the mailbox today excited to see that my new lens had arrived but instead found an entirely new pair of glasses!! I’m honestly so psyched and just had to share this amazing customer service. This company is legit in every way! Thank you, @goodr!! 😎❤️😎

Can’t believe we’re at the “5th grade mural” stage of E’s life! The Art Festival and mural reveal is a favorite time of year at the boys’ schools.

Is there anything better than watching tv from your fort?

Such fun at the @dcwonderwomanrun in #Tempe today! Thank you @bilingualparrot for being a 🐢 with me! Loved running with you and loved getting to spend such quality time together! #dcwonderwomanrun #iamwonderwoman #weareallwonderwomen #strongertogether

A successful Opening Day in the books for the @mccormickranchlittleleague! Love our #mrllbaseball family! ❤️🐃⚾️

Finally his turn. First tee ball game of the season. ❤️❤️❤️ #mrllbaseball #gobulls

Well, this got me... Pics on the left showed up in my memories today and I couldn’t resist putting them side by side. 5 yrs ago vs two days ago... time is going WAY too fast but it’s SUCH a joy watching him grow up and continue to grow into the great kid/person he is. And SO much fun watching him doing something he loves. Tonight is the little guy’s first TBall game of the season and I can’t help thinking that before we know it we’ll be comparing his photos side by side. ❤️/😭

Back at our home away from home. 💜 Great game tonight for the #PurpleReign team! #mrllbaseball #gobulls

Remember what thoughtful, caring, strong leadership was like? Beautiful words from Mayor @pete.buttigieg ...

I think we need a couple of these in the backyard...

Well this is one (awesome) way to celebrate Pi day! Been waiting a loooong time for @Oprah’s favorite pizza and it definitely lives up to all the hype! SO.GOOD!

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