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Clarissa  This is my life! Walking, tracking, my boys and positive thinking!!


Rough points day. Busy day. To many cookies. Everything tracked and tomorrow is a new day. Night

Oooo first day on #wwfreestyle rolling over daily #smartpoints into my weeklies!!! Pizza Friday here I come lol my son Hayden has to have pizza on Friday. It’s become a thing. He’s flexible on where it comes from but he must eat pizza 🍕 I made some super yummy chicken chili for dinner 3 pts for s 1 cup serving. It was very filling too. Excited for lunch tomorrow. #tracking #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #stayingontrack #puttingmyselffirst #wwstrong #wwfamily #ww #bluedot

I feel like this is my mantra right. Maybe because it’s the holidays and temptation is all over. Or because it’s so easy to say whatever I’ll start over tomorrow or next week. I think it hit my I’m sick of starting over wall. I know this journey won’t be perfect by any means. I just have to keep fighting the good fight. #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #commitment #commitmenttomyself #neverstoptrying #bethechangeyouwanttobe #wwstrong #mindbodyspirit #fedup

A dinner win tonight!!!! Last week I swapped us to ground turkey. Last taco 🌮 night Hayden wouldn’t eat the meat. He ate sour cream and cheese tacos. Lol Tonight he ate 4 tacos and Landen ate 3. He said they were amazing. #momlife #dinnerstruggles #pickyeaterproblems #dinnerwithkids #shortordercookmom

Very true!!

Landen took a nap today and I got a little me time. Turned on a Hallmark movie and painted my nails. I haven’t done that in a long time.

Ending my day with a pretty blue dot!! Even with baking Christmas cookies 🍪 after they cooled we bagged them and put them in the freezer. They are safer in there until shipping day lol I hope you had a on track day too.

My mom and son got Culvers for dessert. That sounded really good. But I looked up the points and omg!!! Yes I could have had used some of my weeklies but it wasn’t worth it to me. So when I popped in target to get something I grabbed this. 2 #smartpoints a serving. If I wanted to eat the whole container it would only be 8 #sp

Last nights weigh in went very well. #wwfreestyle for the win. #gome too. Not only do I feel successful on this plan but I feel committed to myself. Last month in church the topic was commitment. Commitment means to keep your word even after the mood has passed. That’s what I did! I recommitted myself to my journey even on days I didn’t want to. It has to stay one of my top priority for big changes to happen. Putting myself and health first even if it’s not the easy choice.

Today’s lunch. 17 #smartpoints I won’t eat dinner until after my weigh in. So lunch is a little bigger than I normally do so I’m not starving during my meeting.

Today is the last day of my #ww week. Tomorrow my weeklies will restart and I’ll weigh in. I feel like I had a great week no matter what the scale says. My steps on the other hand was very slacking this past week. Tomorrow is a new day for that. I kinda felt like I needed to give this new program #wwfreestyle all my attention and really focus on tracking. Very excited seeing all the blue dots this week too!!!

I was totally shocked to see this pop up on my app today. I’ve done #weightwatchers or #myfitnesspal tracking for years and years. Tracking has always been my biggest struggle. I’ll be good for a day or two then be like I’m good. Then I fall off plan. Tracking really is a big part of #weightloss We have to know how much we are taking in to lose weight. 2 weeks ago I really told myself to knock it off and do the work. Losing weight has to be my top priority and like a job. Really hoping to make this a long term habit. 21 days makes something a habit right?? One more week to go.

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