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Energetic Armament LLC  Engineering extraordinary #silencers. Ultra strong, light weight #suppressors achieving superb sound reduction. Distributed by @allenarmstactical

Honored to have this amazing young lady join us at #NRAAM2019 She is an accomplished competitive shooter and a great ambassador to the sport for other youth and families. #girlswhoshoot #girlleaders #positiverolemodels
Reposted from @pineapple_shooter - ❤️❤️WHOOHOO I received my exhibitor badge to be in the @energeticarmament booth at #NRAAM2019 I am so happy and excited to represent their enthusiasm for the 2A and junior shooters! Energetic Armament knows the importance of raising the next generation of pro 2A supporters wether you hunt, compete and or shoot because it fun (and it’s your right... go 🇺🇸🇺🇸) It’s important to make sure our freedoms stay just that freedoms!!! So come see me and the @energeticarmament crew at booth #5666
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#energeticarmament #nraam2019 #trooperclothing #stockisboring #titaniumforthewin #nyxmod2 #voxsuppressor - #regrann

Mail call from @pineapple_shooter! ❤️✉️ She will be joining us at the NRAAM in Indianapolis next week! Booth 5666 #2agirls #girlsshoottoo #girlswithguns

Took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather today with my family. We headed to our family property in Freetown, MA to enjoy some shooting. Probably some of the very few kids in MA that get to shoot suppressed... Which is absolutely ridiculous but hey, that's the People's Socialist Republic of MA for you. Take time to take a kid shooting and teach them a lifetime sport and respect for firearms.

Celebrating #patriotsday here in MA... What better way than welding together freedom with our first production batch of #VoxK silencers.

Family day in Lexington, MA taking in Revolutionary War history. TL;DR: Overbearing government attempts gun confiscation but it doesn't work out for them. Freedom ensues and a nation is born. New found nation recognizes importance of the right to bear arms to prevent a sequel and immortilizes it in their constitution.

#menwhowouldnotberuled #patriotsday

Very cool high speed video that shows how the muzzle gasses are caught and very slowly released by the Vox with its wipe. Perfect on a shorty bolt! .
Reposted from @mrsilencers - @energeticarmament VOX pops the wipe for the first time with a CZ527 7.62x39 SBR bolty fun last night. A true @fatherdeath demonstration of the pressure that builds in the barrel. This is why your MAGA-zine is filthy on a Semi gun. #suppressednation #silencertalk #gasgun pfffft! Those that missed the night demo missed a good time. - #regrann

#reconfigurablerevolution #titaniumforthewin
Reposted from @suppressednation_chris - #energeticarmament #nyx
-Available at @hansohn_brothers ✔️
-Video on @full30 of the NYX in action here at @suppressed_nation ✔️ - #regrann

When DT adapters come back from Cerakote w/ box art 🎨 #madeawesomerinkansas @charger_arms

Wrapping up a business trip in Berlin, Germany and got to take in some cold war history today. Nothing will convince you more to fight tooth and nail to protect your freedoms as seeing the horrors of what happened behind the wall.

Patent for the relief pattern on our silencers. Functional and aesthetic. More at the #uspto now under examination. #ipmatters #strongcompaniesinvest

#facepalm Saw this gem in Germany this morning. Seems some folks have forgotten some of the key points of 20th century history. Let me know how that Marxist/Leninist communism works out... I will keep my guns and dangerous freedom, thanks!

In Germany for the Hannover Messe which is a huge industrial trade show with all kinds or manufacturing and automation technologies. Oh, and robots with light sabers 😂 #getyourgeekon🤓

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