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Mr. C 

Always looking out for me .. I've had a huge void that I can't fill but all good memories of what a true friend is .. You're irreplaceable, bud


Familia Contreras 2016

Happy birthday, son! I'm happy you're happy .. I love you!


Same window, different views

Having a little local fun this week

Dirty hands, clean money .. Making it look easy

This is a picture of the bridge we just repaired, engulfed in flames .. No photoshop or filters, just a fire with a mind of its own devouring a bridge and anything else in it's way. I got called to the site the next morning and there was still spot fires all around us. The ballast ( rocks that are all along the rail ) was so hot we couldn't walk on it. Multiple water trucks, carrying around 20,000 gallons of water each, had to flood the ballast just to make it cool enough for us to be able to walk and get our work done. I will always remember this particular job, partly because it was so close to home, but also because of the perspective it provided on how powerful Mother Nature can truly be. We are lucky to live in this moment and time, and also this country, where we have the capacity to contain such devastation.

It's pretty gnarly down here .. Power lines dangling around everywhere and everything is scorched

Got called off a job I was working on in Palm Springs this morning for an emergency bridge repair caused by the #bluecut fire .. Got here at 7 am and will be here until about 5 am until this rail is fully functional again

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