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"The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage."-Thucydides
Thanks to our Coalition Partner @nfs for sharing and being on the ground every day to END IT.

A powerful message from our Coalition Partner @a21. Each of our 16 Coalition Partners is focused on a different step of the journey towards FREEDOM. People should never be sold. ❌#enditmovement

Justice has been SERVED! ❌#enditmovement
REPOST @ijm: This is what justice in Kenya looks like. .
Look at David Makara’s face today and you will see joy and hope for a bright future. But it was not always this way. David was one of IJM’s first clients in Kenya.
In December 2002, David was renting a movie at a video store when he encountered some police. Under pressure to round up suspects for a recent robbery, police demanded that he pay money or else go to jail. David paid, but was shot anyway.
When we heard about David’s case, we found him in the hospital handcuffed to a bed, his arm amputated as a result of the injury. In what circumstances clearly suggested was a cover-up attempt, charges were brought against David for robbery with violence. IJM defended David and the robbery charges were dropped.

Inspired by his experience with IJM, our brave friend David passed his bar exams last year and was recently admitted as a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Kenya. He has been working with an organization serving the impoverished, and hopes to one day hold public office and continue to fight for and defend the rights of the poor.
Your gift keeps children, women and men from being hurt or even killed at the hands of the very police who should protect them. Join us in the fight to end police abuse in Kenya today: www.ijm.org/end-police-violence-in-kenya

Happy Friday FREEDOM FIGHTERS! How are you using your creative talents this weekend to inform others that slavery still exists?
Thanks for sharing @krochetkids! We're excited to bring more transparency to the creation of our apparel. TOGETHER we can END IT! ❌ #enditmovement
END IT gear available at: (link in bio)

Another survivor is FREE! ❌#enditmovement
@a21 repost: After being invited to a party in her city, this young girl showed up to meet some new friends at a hotel. But once she walked in, the doors locked and she wasn't allowed to leave. She was trafficked through various states, physically abused, and forced to sell her body. ⠀

Now? She's free. And has big dreams and goals for her future. Your support is helping to restore dreams.

One step at a time, one life at a time.
We will abolish slavery with each step.
@a21 repost: We’re on the move.⠀
We’re taking ground.⠀
Can you hear it?⠀
The sound of thousands of footsteps. The new abolitionists are here.⠀

Register now for a walk in the city nearest you: A21.org/Walk (link in bio)
TOGETHER we will END IT. #WalkForFreedom#enditmovement

"May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right." -Peter Marshall
May our voices echo across the country this weekend as we celebrate our Nation's freedom, and think of those who still haven't tasted it yet. Today and everyday we continue to raise our voices together and tell the world that slavery still exists and we're not ok with it! Together we can END IT! ❌ #enditmovement
Thanks for sharing @nikkimelanson! Pics by @benjaminhailemariam

REPOST @ijm: One year ago, IJM lost a beloved friend and staff member. Willie Kimani was kidnapped with an IJM client, Josephat Mwenda and their driver, Joseph Muiruri. Eight days later, we learned that they were murdered. Murdered for standing up for the oppressed and holding police accountable. Murdered for daring to seek justice.
We are so grateful for the ways you have stood with us through this difficult year, and we will not stop fighting for Willie, Joseph, Josephat, and the millions of others who live in fear of corrupt and abusive police in Kenya.

Last week was a BIG week for FREEDOM! 👊🏼❌ #enditmovement
@a21 repost:
8 lives were recruited, trafficked, and used for their bodies and for their labor. ⠀
8 lives that were forced to endure physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. ⠀
8 lives that are now, free.⠀
We welcome another survivor of labor exploitation into our care in Ukraine. This is your legacy. You are making freedom possible.

How are you using your creative talents to tell others that slavery still exists? Awareness is doing work! 👊🏼❌ #enditmovement
Great shot, @angelina__price!

Happy weekend Freedom Fighters!
We hear your shout for FREEDOM Belgium!

A young girl is FREE!
@ijm repost:
A young girl is free after a cybersex trafficking operation in the Philippines! Last month, IJM supported a local anti-trafficking unit to arrest the suspect, a friend of the survivor, for offering to exploit her in online abuse.

The survivor has said she was first abused online at age 13. Thanks to IJM supporters, she is now safe.

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