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David Endicott  Live Music Photographer for @amazonmusic , Xboxen Shepherd for @xbox and @microsoft , chef for @monkeyjig and dog-dad for @buru_and_goose :)

Did some 1990’s grade school portrait laser background photos with @portugaltheman for @amazonmusic at @bumbershoot

Lil, Lies, and light beams.

@liltunechi at @bumbershoot shot for @amazonmusic

#bumbershoot is looking good in the reflection of @liltunechi ‘s shades.
Shot for @amazonmusic at @bumbershoot 2018

Definitely one of the artists I was most excited to photograph, @liltunechi did not disappoint, his outfit was amazing.
Shot for @amazonmusic at @bumbershoot 2018

The power of McCready compels you to the Pearly Gates of Jam, where we shall gather in the Field of Safeco to witness the rock.

@pearljam #homeshows @safecofield in #Seattle Shot for @amazonmusic // 8.2018

When did they finally get these guys offstage?
They started around 8:30 on Wednesday with no opener and played until after midnight on a school night. Incredible.
@pearljam #homeshows @safecofield in #Seattle Shot for @amazonmusic // 8.8.2018

Goose, who has generally been terrified of water touching him anywhere but his mouth decided he needed to wrestle with some new dog friends in a pond. After his very first swim he discovered that getting out of the lake soaking wet with a light wind was COLD. So I threw his tiny (not really he’s already 60 lbs) shaking body in the back of the car and wrapped him up in a towel to dry him off/ warm him up and this was the first time he poked his head back up ready to go wrestle with his new friends again.

The glowing orbs were fun backdrops... the guitar wasn’t bad either.

@pearljam #homeshows @safecofield in #Seattle
Shot for @amazonmusic // 8.2018

1/6 There’s a hell of a lot happening on that notepad... the set list and notes for legendary frontman #eddievedder used as the framework for kicking off one of the most important tours I’ve had the pleasure of covering this year; #thehomeshows . What goes into crafting a 33 song setlist with 2 encores? They’ve already raised over $11MM to combat homelessness but there’s so much more to do.

hit up https://pearljam.com/thehomeshows/seattle-wa to learn more about the incredible efforts of these guys.

@pearljam #homeshows @safecofield in #Seattle Shot for @amazonmusic // 8.2018

So we got Bu a #puppy, his name is Goose and he finally slowed down on the destruction of all things by way of tiny adorable teeth long enough for a portrait. You can find more of him on his #crazydogmom @monkeyjig ’s insta account for the dogs @buru_and_goose . I’ll try not to post TOO many puppy photos but he’s pretty cute, almost 4 months old and already 50lbs.
Fun Puppyfact: 50% of Goose’s body weight is in his giant paws.

2/3 I love the fan interaction and I’m sure they appreciated it too :). @thomasrhettakins at @centurylink_field supporting @kennychesney
I’m really enjoying this 150-600mm @sigmaphoto glass, the subject matter doesn’t hurt but this is a damn fine lens for a #centurylinkfield soundboard shoot.
Shot for @989bull // 7.2018

1/3 It’s always something magic when an artist doesn’t take themselves too seriously and genuinely has fun on stage. Thanks for the show @thomasrhettakins
Shot for @989bull // 7.2018

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