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Kate D. 


In his light.

Getting into that real holiday spirit.

“Puppies Crash Christmas” is a beautiful film. The war on Christmas continues.

This is normal wedding dress shopping protocol, yes?

Thank you for all the birthday goodness and wishes. ❤️ I give you my North Star/totem for my 33rd year of living. May we all stand in our fierce glory and own it like Zacharina. 🙏

To complete my role of real proud mom from last night, here is an off-center photo of my two cuties and a wall air-vent. #MrsMaisel

A year ago today, nationwide people put on their pantsuits in celebration of women, democracy, progress, and Hillary Clinton. It was also my first day as a political organizer.
Today Looking at photos from last year, I burst into tears. I was so hopeful that day and right now the world feels so scary. It is hard to march and have hope in the face of such fear and pain.
That said, today on National Pantsuit Day, I make the commitment to keep marching and celebrating. I think Emma Goldman had the right idea when she wrote "if I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." It is time for action, and I want take it with hope in my heart and a shimmy in my shoulders.

Well fuck me, Chicago. I didn't know you had beaches, a ferris wheel, and nondescript buildings. You pretty.

Took 2 minutes to keep my civic fomo at bay. 💪

He hates my 👟. I hate his 🕶. We both ❤️ Robyn.

Baby brother is starting to get a second degree. I am starting to get a second chin. Mom says she is equally proud of us both.

a hawk chills in brooklyn

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