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Emtek Door & Cabinet Hardware  Door and cabinet hardware should make a statement....your statement. Open more than doors. #doorhardware

The Helios is one of our most popular lever styles. What’s your favorite?

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly midway through August. This summer is flying! What’s been your summer highlight so far? If I had to guess, I’d say this portico transformation ranks pretty high on the highlight list for @most_lovely_things 👌

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? May we suggest a door hardware swap? There are few things in your house you touch more than your doorknobs— and it’s one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable upgrades you can make! 📸: @ihateketchup

“Our satin brass @emtek_products hardware on this 11’ tall door gets all the 😍😍 from our guests.”
We’ll say, @thehouseofsilverlining! ❤️

We’re really feeling the Euro vibes of our unlacquered brass hardware in a project from @island_life_home. What details do you find inspiration in? #happysunday #happyhomes

Don’t black and brass look sophisticated together? Our French Antique finish offers a vintage look with updated, modern functionality. Also— let’s hear it for @kfddesigns and her hand painted hallway wallpaper! 👏

How are you taking your coffee this Sunday morning? ☕️

A touch of glam,
courtesy of @csodapop

It’s easy to get caught up in the pretty, styled “after” shots you see on Instagram. But watching projects come together can be just as fun, with all the dirt, nuts and bolts, visible. The progress is part of the journey, don’t you think?
Based on how this bathroom by @coco.and.jack looks now... we can barely contain our excitement for the final product!

“Oh little door handle and those sleepless nights you gave me. It might just look like a piece of metal attached to an interior door (a nice door by the way), but man oh man it is a whole lot more. When you walk into a home and your hand grabs hold of that door knob, you don't think twice about it, right? well, let me tell you, as an interior stylist the number of hours that go into (and went into) picking out the perfect piece of metal. Knob or lever? round, square, oval or rectangle backplate? chrome or nickel? polished or not? straight or curved? And then it hits you... the perfect design, order placed, and you lose sleep again waiting for them to be installed. sometimes second guessing yourself only to remember, your first choice, your intuitions are always right. Cause then you see this. Perfection.” -@homewithkeki 💕

Anyone else seem to spend their weekends at home arranging and rearranging one room at a time? 🙋‍♀️Gotta embrace that #shelfie life sometime.

We’ve said it before... but when you’re in doubt—put a crystal on it (and double up if you’re feeling fancy, like @kkpeila did here) 💎✨

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