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Em Tatum  I eat, I paint, what else is there?

Despite the lack of his picture, I just added a brother! Welcome to this clan of crazy, Bill!

People peeple peephole 👁

What's good, bloomington?

Check out this hot tamale! Rod Tuffcurls always a blast (as long as we can block out the Moana soundtrack - sorry Moana lovers, but that crustacean song makes me 🤢)

Nothin' new but the year🤘

Finally finished up the painting for Mems! She asked me forever ago whoops😳

I did nooooOot- oh hi mark

Land-based booze cruise ⛴

We might have actually done it! Thanks thesis pals! Y'all made the studio the best place to be 💛💛💛💛

Got my thesis show under wraps last week! Finally can spend some quality time with my paintings now that school's over 🌻🌻🌻

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