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Ak  🔥Ethereal Island 👑 Lioness on the rise📚 Rasta designed me tuff ✊🏾 My Reward isn't here on earth🙏🏾


No filter needed. Excited for new changes and the summer ❤️

So I came across this video and heard this guy say "star boy deh ya so"....so I'm saying to myself "who is this sexy new island artist". Turns out he's not Caribbean but Nigerian & a big deal... 😂😂😂😂 then it made sense, I mean we did get our flavor from the motherland 😍😍😍😍 curious to learn more about languages/dialectal connections. I think that will be my mission this summer....s/n: Ive never dated an African from the mainland...shitttttt that might be another mission 😂😂😂😂

Two winners, 3 items per box.
1) mini version of my favscent mini version (Tory burch or Juicy Coutoure) or a natural oil from the Rasta man lol
2)headwrap from Kuwasili collection
3) hand chain
Rules :
repost @empressivefinds page (swipe left for example). TAG AND HASHTAG that page in your caption. THAT's IT!
Winners chosen randomly via hashtags by one of our loyal customers, to avoid bias. I will not choose 😩😩😩

Some boy tun DJ....Aye boy tek time. I know you've never touched a goddess in your life, but be gentle . Over there rubbing your clit the way your granny would rub you down with vicks vapor rub when yo sick as a child. And you know granny has that "heavy hand". @international_animal_rescue @petco @jesus_the_lord_ We need new homes & deliverance.
#AllCatsMatter😿 Where is Mama Dee to sing "I deserve?"😹😹

My page might NOT be a pro black page, but I am pro black. And part of that means viewing things from every side. Because as we say in the islands "ONE HAND CANT CLAP"...Peace ❤️

I'm pretty sure I said "societal level", so not sure why I'm seeing comments "and not all is us are like this"--- no duh, because I wasn't speaking about black men on an individual level 😒
As a bubbly woman I've always wondered and judged women in NYC for always seeming to be tense. Until one day I saw a man harass a woman. I learned then that "that face" is a defense mechanism. I use that same rationale to explain this stereotype about why many of us have our walls up. Like NYC, we are in a Battle field. Back then as the matriarch there was a common respect for us, and thus we did anything for our lions. Today, a lot of black women have their guards up, not because we have attitudes, not because we aren't amiable, not because we can't love...( hunny you don't know love until you've had some brown sugar) . "We" on a societal level aren't protected by those who ONCE PROTECTED US, and are CALLED to protect us.....this is not healthy.... our community is not healthy, but I have faith that a paradigm shift is happening...... rebuilding the black family unit in 5, 4, 3....


Two lucky Ladies will win an "Empressive box" with 3 items. Yes, international queens can participate as well :) I'll ship it worldwide. Headwrap of your choice from the Kuwasili collection with a personalized affirmation. Hand chain & a mini scent that I wear (Tory burch, Juicy Couture, or Marc Jacobs---if you want something natural from the Rasta man I can do that instead lol). ___
1. Repost @empressivefinds page
2. Tag AND hashtag #empressivefinds (you'll be picked from the hashtag). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPOST THIS CAPTION. Just the tag & hashtag ❤️
Two winners will be randomly chosen by one of my loyal supporters (to avoid bias), on Sunday at noon! It's just for fun 😍 Good luck ---
Photographer : @islandboiphotography
MUA: @bellisima81

Swipe left if you haven't seen the commercial. Thoughts?

African/Indigenous Island fun fact of the day:
The Wanaragua dance is part of the ritual of the Garifuna tribe that hail from my BEAUTIFUL country (sorry had to throw that in there 😂😂😂). Back then, British Colonizers infiltrated the land. The #Garifuna ancestors resisted their attacks. This dance reenacts the DISGUISE that the Warriors utilized (dressing as their women) as a strategic defense against the British, who when entering the village, were thrown off. The dance has been passed on as a celebration of their military victories :) if you go to islands like Belize (as the Garifunas were exiled from my homeland 😿) around Christmas time, you can see the Junkanu festival . Peace to the Ancestors .

Ase ? In the words of my sis @rastabarbie "The most amazing things are on the other side of fear" 😩😩😩❤️

So those who follow me on live know you I take boxing lessons! And I only deal with the BEST! If you're in NYC and want one on one or group boxing training! Hit up #churchstreetboxing and ask for this brother @bambajuice 🙌🏿 and yes it's worth it!

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