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Then v now. Notice the 7 buttons across on the prototype. @knobs_demos suggested that was a terrible idea. I’m thankful to know @knobs_demos

#zoia Module list update. We haven’t added a lot of modules since I posted the last list, mostly fixing up the modules we have. A big addition is the pitch detector module so you can more easily turn a guitar into a synth. We’re going to add a granular synth module too. What else is missing?

Just frickin’ around on some sequencer updates.

Stay cool MIDI!!! #Repost @mididesigner with @get_repost
@empress_effects reverb and echosystem control! We have multiple #echosystem layouts to choose from on our forum as well as a #reverb layout. MIDI Designer helps you dial in the sounds on these fantastic pedals. There are a ton of modes on each of these pedals as well as 2 delay engines on the echosystem! Both layout designers had the idea of making a label so you always know what thing 1 and thing 2 are doing, these change with each mode.(how many modes on these? 50 each?) #communitypowered #dreamCreatePlay
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New pic for “about us” page?

Deal Alert! Hot price on Empress Compressors if you’re willing to buy by the acre.

@sonorefestmtl has begun!

getting some quality father son time with @knobs_demos

Finally got last year’s @sonorefestmtl poster framed. This weekend I’m heading to Sonore in Montreal again and I’m going to give a short demonstration of the Zoia. What would you want to see it do?

We have a bunch of Echosystems with small blemishes but are otherwise brand new and fully functional. They are $50 off retail on our website, and for this week only we’ll throw in free shipping. They’re in the “scratch and dent” zone.
Edit: spelling cause im a dum dum
Another edit: you’ll still see a shipping charge when you place the order, but dont worry, we wont charge you shipping!

I was flipping through posts i saved and this one made me laugh again. Anyone who saw my first couple pedals would be convinced that anyone can do it.
#Repost @moarhaxplz with @get_repost
I made a meme reflecting my exact feelings seeing the new #Zoia by @empress_effects. .
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