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Space. The final frontier.
Absolutely in love with the @empress_effects Reverb!
Have to say top 3 so far in no particular order is the:
Tremolo modulated reverb
Ghost Casper
Ambient Swell
Looking forward to using this live! Such an inspiring pedal!
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Cooler than anything I’ve done in the Zoia.

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A little clip of my first-time use with the new ZOIA from @empress_effects at @thenammshow! This beefy box is a synth, sequencer, effect pedal- with enormous potential in each tiny square. After some time with a representative, I was able to create this sequence from scratch and run live guitar through. So impressed with this pedal. Full upload on @youtube - link in bio!
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added trigger out to the #zoia sequencer, makes sequencing drums much easier. Still have a long way to go on my synth drum sounds!

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Here’s a little introverted moment before I hit the extroverted bright lights of NYC tomorrow
Gear used:
@fender #jazzmaster
@mtl.asm #ct5
@empress_effects #echosystem #reverb
@fender #drri
@tjdumser @olzios @arrangearrange

you can do programming on the #zoia! Here’s a little interval trainer I made using the available modules, to help knock the rust off my ears. Sorry for the raw sawtooth waves

After the overwhelming response to the last post, we are going to add dedicated MIDI I/O to the #zoia in the form of 2 3.5mm jacks. We’re also going to include breakout cables so you can connect with standard MIDI cables. But for those of you who have gear with 3.5mm MIDI jacks, and want to connect directly, which pinout should we use? Should the tip of the 3.5mm plug connect to MIDI pin 4 or 5? If you have a preference please let me know in the comments.

We’re thinking of adding dedicated MIDI I/O to the Zoia. This way you wouldn’t have to use a midibox for MIDI (though you still could with the control port). They’d be 3.5mm jacks and we’d include breakout cables. Please like if you’re interested, and tag a friend who you think would be interested. As this test shows, we can just barely squeeze everything in!

Being interviewed by @truecuckoo at NAMM 2018 was a highlight. He kept me on my toes with some seriously piercing questions. Check out his youtube for the full thing.

Adam made a lil Zoia synth to channel his inner Radiohead. He was doing great until I tickled him.

my lame first attempt at making drums on the zoia. dont blame zoia! i know theres secrets to synth drums, i just dont know what they are. does anyone?

thanks to @audiofanzinefr for the award!

I got to hang with Terry from @meris.us which was incredible. During the hang I surreptitiously made a bucket list which had one item, “hang with Terry.” Checking off the last item on my bucket list has been both a profoundly exciting and a terrifying experience. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I hope it includes hanging with Terry again.

Finally got to meet @barbiealmalbis in person and managed to look super cool and nature in a picture, which I find very easy to do. She’s been using a superdelay for years. I think I convinced her that it’s garbage, and that she should really upgrade to the Echosystem.

Finally got to meet Takeo from Umbrella Music, our distributor in Japan. He was one of our first dealers, and one of the best. Judging by our faces, whats happening here is that I’ve just farted and Takeo has just caught a whiff. And I’m hoping that he’ll mention it so that I can invoke the whoever smelt it dealt it policy.

Finally met the lovely @cbegien of @datachoirsounds in real life. After a couple minutes she was showing me how to use the Zoia!

Jay making Zoia presets at 30,000 ft

NAMM all done! Dan really hopes you come check out our new thing.

current list of Zoia modules. More being added daily, probably going to add some at NAMM. What’s missing, what do you want to see?

Come by booth 4648 at #namm to give the Zoia a whirl. We’ll have a bunch of stations set up and give you a little tutorial so you can create whatever sound/effect/instrument you wanna dream up!

The Empress Zoia. Springtime 2018. Probably $450USD. video by @knobs_demos and graphic design by @ericnyffeler. Named after librarian Zoia Horn. go to knobs youtube for rest of video.

Nice way to start a Sunday. Thanks dad!

we’re announcing a new pedal on Monday. Head over to reddit to guess what we’re making. Closest guess wins a free pedal of your choice! EDIT: if you dont have reddit and you make a guess on instagram thats better than any redditor’s guess, you get a free pedal!

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