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Stephanie Hall  I'm a vivacious fun loving woman of God who thrives off of uplifting and empowering others. I love sharing my experience, strengths, and hopes!🙌💪👪

Happy Father's Day to All of the men out there present in their kid's lives. A special shout out to my main man and right hand for being the best Dad ever. We love you so much and we appreciate your dedication to our family. Your emotional presence is everything. From packing lunches, working, cooking, and taking care of us the way you often do, WE THANK YOU! Love you husband!

Happy Father's Day to my chocolate drop Daddy Marvin L. Sykes!!! I love you with my whole heart and I thank you for my life. 1985 was a good year!!!! You are not only my father but my friend and confidant. Today is your day and I look forward to celebrating you!

A movie in the park with my babies!!! Me love the kiddos.

Just my thoughts for the day. Success begins with God!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!
Let me introduce y'all to my "stanky face." This is my Really you have to come better than that face. My trick no good face! This funky devil has been on me so heavily attacking my health and my finances but no matter what I know God's got me. The spirit of Depression is real people and when I feel it trying to creep in, I start warring in the spirit even harder. The enemy can't have my health, my joy, my mind or my finances. I declare peace, patience, and prosperity in Jesus name. Stay woke people and don't fall victim to the enemy!

I captured this photo earlier from my garden and it blessed me. Like the raindrops on this beautiful rose, the rain is vital to our growth and sustainability. The rain comes to wash away the grit (Sodium) and the grime making the process of photosynthesis more efficient. The plant will turn the water and carbon dioxide into a carbohydrate which will in turn be utilized as a food source. I welcome the rain knowing that it doesn't come to kill or destroy me but to help me wash away the doubt and fear. Like the plant, after going through the process, I turn my experiences into food for my soul. I learn, I grow, and I depend more on my source (God) because of it. My faith is then stronger and richer and my soul has the proper nutrients necessary to endure life. God I love you and I thank you for the Rain!

Happy National Best friend's Day to my love bug @jkenitha! We celebrate each other all the time, so the world knows you mean everything to me. In almost 20yrs of love and respect, we've NEVER had an argument or fight except once over me babysitting the dog🤣🤣 but that doesn't count. We understand each other so well and we never overstep our boundaries. I so respect the woman and giver that you are. You're so selfless and ready to help whoever needs it. You have a heart of gold with no ulterior motives and that is honorable. God has work for us in His kingdom and the world gets to see HIS heart through our actions and good works. I'm so blessed to travel this tedious journey with you by my side. I love you BFF!

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