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Emporio Armani  Discover the Emporio Armani SS18 collection :

Its all fun and games for @_sunze_
Discover more about why he lives Milan on @id_italy #wearsEA
Credits: @piotrniepsuj

The Milanese life of @_sunze_ on @id_italy #wearsEA
Credits: @jordan_hemingway

Discover what makes Milan special for @_sunze_ on @id_italy #wearsEA
Credits: @piotrniepsuj

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Where is your favourite place to shop Emporio Armani?

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Brothers always have each other’s back. @phraphrusco @albiricchi
Credits: @piotrniepsuj @id_italy

Discover what Milan is like for two talented young men @albiricchi @phraphrusco #wearsEA @id_italy
Credits: @jordan_hemingway

Twinning in Milan in the Emporio Armani SS18 collection. #wearsEA
@albiricchi @phraphrusco
Credits: @id_italy @piotrniepsuj

#EAwatches are loved by all.
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Relax in style with #EAwatches. From the spa to the park to a cuddle with your fluffy friend, make sure you have time for it all.
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Make time for your friends thanks to #EAwatches
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