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Wizards + Watermelon

About 5 minutes after this pic was snapped the wheels came of train! Felix threw-up an entire plate of spaghetti & meatballs down the front of Simon (gross!). Shortly after, I needed the Uber driver to pull over cause it was my turn to get sick. And Hazel spent the better part of the trip sleeping on the bathroom floor. Granted, it was a terribly inopportune time for the family flu, but we didn't let a little sickness ruin our fun. We moved a bit slower than expected but still managed to rally and make many cherished memories! #bootandrally (PS. Huge thank you to the housekeeping staff for all the extra sheets and for giving piglet an emergency bath in the middle of the night.)

Hermione & Ginny | And a story: the girls heard from our neighbor boy that at Harry Potter world, one person is picked for the wand ceremony (you know, "the wand chooses the wizard"). Leading up to our trip they became obsessed with the idea of being the one selected. Obsessed. So when we arrived, our first stop was Olivander's, and the demonstration was brilliant...But alas, neither of them were chosen. As we made our way out of the shop at the end, the wandmaker tapped the girls and held us back. Then, after everyone had left, he closed the doors and gave Hazel and Felix a private wand presentation ceremony. The music! The lights! We were awestruck. Hazel was presented with a Hazelwood wand and Felix got the "tiny but mighty" Ivy. He told the girls their wands shared a unicorn hair core, from the same unicorn, one that would forever bind them. He then went on to cast a spell of strength, curiosity and charisma that would guide them through life. I know, I know...It's just a theme park, but I couldn't stop the tears from welling. Harry Potter has been nothing short of magical for these two. For all of us, really. ⚡️👓🔮


Disney world, yo!

And a mother's day shout-out to @dianehotz for being an incredible mom-in-law and for raising two of my favorite men on the planet. xoxo

Mama, I love you from the bottom of my heart. xo


RENT was the great obsession of my life. Revisiting it tonight brought back a flood of happy memories, stretching back 20 years. Theatre is magic.

8 months ago, we embarked on what has become one of the greatest adventure of our lives....Harry Potter! We read for hours, every night, making our way through the series by headlamp. And now, we find ourselves in the back half of the final book. We aren't ready for it to end!This story has captured our hearts in ways I never could have dreamed. ⚡️👓🔮

Girl Power

What a night. What a platform.

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