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عَلْي Muslim🌳TreeHugger🕋  I think, Therefore GOD is. "God does not play dice with the universe". Einstein RECTIFY YOUR PURPOSE

God labels the atheist/idolters as criminals on the day of judgment and they will not be judged or even looked upon. @hatzortzis
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"Does religion plays a major role in your overall health?" Specifically when it relates to the ratio of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3in your diet.

Lets take alook at some disturbing facts that happens world wide:

The world incidence and prevalence of autoimmune diseases is increasing.
Epidemiological data provide evidence of a steady disease throughout westernized socities over last decades.
Frequencies of the autoimmune diseases increased significantly in the west and north when compared to east and south, respectively.

Like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, vasculitis, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes.

Researched published in 2015 in the international journal of celiac disease by dr. Aar9m lerner at Israel's technion israel inst of technology.

Suggests 3 major enviromental factors as strongly suspected to drive these: infections/ecology/nutrition.

Allergies have also been rising rapidly. 1 in 5 childs are diagnosed with some type of allergic disease.also according to prof. Asha from uni of auckland. In 1998 edition of the journal of clinical and experimental allergy.

Infact allergies can now be deemed to become an epidemic. Professor thomas bieber at the department of dermatology and allergy at uni of bon. Is considered to be the most famous dermatologist in germany today. His paper published in new england journal of medicine in 2008.

Reveals 15 to 30% of children suffer from atopic dermatitis.
Also many other dr's announced that type 1 diabetes has noe become a serious problem.

Affecting children's at much younger age than ever b4 esp in Europe.
Chron's  disease, ulcerative colitis and primary biliary cirrosis. 3 different form of irritable bowel diseases rising at alarming rate.

Scientists is looking at the diets as the cause of these increases. But hey dont forget that vaccines, flouride , gmo , antibios in meat plays a big role in causing similar issues to our health.
Also The proportion of omega 3 fatties to omega 6 fatty acids plays a huge role in it.

Dr artemis simo poulos is the founder and president of the center genetics of nutrition and health in washington dc.

اللهم اجعل في قلبنا نورا وفهما وبصرا وعلما انك على كل شي قدير.
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First i am going to interpret these verses in context and then i will talk the relation between this verse and my #ibogaine experience.

Prophet noah invites his people for over 9 centuries. He was doing a constant invitation for them. At The end of his carrier he looked back and he summarises the message that he was trying to give them day and night.

Everytime i call/invite them for this faith so you oh god can forgive them. Seek forgiveness of your lord he is the constant forgiving.

His nation was the worst nation of all nations as god stated multiple times in the quran.

If you seek his forgiveness then allah will open up the sky for you and it will start pouring and pouring on you. Now this could be a reference to rain but ironically they did get flooded right!

Allah was talking about different kind of rain now, if you seek forgiveness that same rain that destroyed them. Will be the rain that brings them life.
although they didnt pray for rain its a metaphor!Allah also didnt say that water will pour or any reference for actual RAIN. He said the sky will pour!
The sky has alot more than water! The sky has forgiveness/peace/tranquillity/faith/your provision/the solution to your problems, they come from the sky!

He will open the flood gate and all the treasures that was held by allah you didnt been getting will open up! Just by asking for forgiveness.👇

I am not claiming that I am a prophet nor I am someone special.
All i know is god is the most generous, his mercy and blessings encompass all things.
When we read how the prophet received his revelation. Many people who have undergone DMT/Iboga - #ibogaine /ayahuasca/OBE Experiences, can relate to some of his symptoms like the ear buzzing, extreme weight on the thighs/legs.
When I had my iboga full flood therapy the first thing i noticed the common ear buzzing,
The prophet may whom be peace also talked about that he was in a green sea, that’s what exactly looked like when I left my body and everything was green!. God also stated that in paradise the common theme is the color green. This post is not All about my iboga experience, otherwise i would be writing for a days!. Comparing my experience to the prophet symptoms/ state when he received the revelations. I believe when you undergone such as experience is like a sword with tow edges!. Its either you have full access and answers with full healings or your just stuck in a loop of unnecessary visions. It all depends on your intentions and level of believing in god!👇👇

People, do you honestly take the time to understand what you are miraculously comprised of (why is that these so-called "#truthers " are quick enough to give uncritical information on pagan ritual sacrifice, "wars" in the Middle East, "#chemtrails", DNA/gasoline/fossil fuel hoaxes, #petrification of #giants/titans and their megalithic constructs, fabricated occult allegories/narratives imposed on the body of gender inverted actors in all major influential positions of power, but not many of these people talk about microbiota, the very pathogenic, commensal, and symbiotic microorganisms which communicate with each other on how to process what our bodies intake through synthesizing neuromediators, facilitating proper colonies, working to make us happy, aware, determined, and focused on the purpose of our design!/all plants and animals, from simple life forms to humans, live in close association with microbial organisms/we are unaware of how to enable them to perform properly because of all the toxic-filled products, in which we consume on a daily basis/includes bacteria (not the hoax propaganda), archaea, protists, fungi, and viruses, and is found to be crucial for the immunologic, hormonal, and metabolic homeostasis of the respective host/this is where most of the answers to our mental, and health problems come from)? The powers that be use this crucial information as combat for our demise, and this is exactly why we don't have any true perception in understanding the #hoax paradigms within the grand #AntiChrist /#Dajjal scheme, and more importantly, why we cannot obtain an accurate, and logical way of critically analyzing the very Criterion of Guidance (#Torah, #Gospel, #Qur'an) provided by the Maker of Existence to consistently combat the very forces that He continuously warned us about throughout the ages, if we decided to part ways from such Guidance.... #peace #picoftoday #wakeup #god #resonance #life #crazy #freedomthinkers #illuminati

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