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M. Page Greene  "I am a person"

Hobbies include crossdressing and moving heavy objects

How you like those poison apples, my pretties? 🍎☠️🍎☠️🍎☠️🍎Painting this face green since 1999

May your entire existence be shimmering and illuminated and witchy in all the right places

Dancing with my shadow

Sending all my love and respect to everyone who has taken chances with their creative work. Your courage inspires me and makes life worth living. If you are facing shame and humiliation meet them head on and shine to your heart’s delight. This is what my body looks like, no apologies. #nonbinary

Glowing from being in such wonderful cute company lately - thank you Los Angeles for being home to so many talented and creative people. Sending love to @personpartyla @exposuredrag @club_scum_ela @_dirtylooks_ (to name a few) for introducing me to my people. With so much to feel bad about these days, it feels more important than ever to connect with the community and show each other a good time. Thank you to the artists, musicians, performers and everyone on the dance floor for keeping me elevated.

May your light be blinding

Party people party at Person @personpartyla

Some of us require the finer things in life🎠🏜🎡⛲️🎭 no matter what the price🍪🥛🍩🍱🍤 if you want to live it up you gotta give it up 🐲🎄🥦🥒🥝 tip your local queens for they keep our spirits lifted

Please my dear, won’t you stay and dine with us?🍴🥄🍴🥄🍴Tonight we are serving mutton dressed as lamb🐑🐑🐑 It’s baked in parchment and smothered in capers🍖🍗🍖Can I bring you a bag to take that home in?🐶🐶🐶

LOSE YOURSELF🔶⚪️🔸So much beauty all in one place 🧡💛💝

Looking for a cute job💛🧡💗For several years I have been installing art shows for a living and I’m looking for a change of pace. I would like to work with flowers or something crafty like store window displays or miniature props. I like to work with my hands and make cute stuff and definitely want to work with someone in the LGBT community. If you have any ideas please get in touch! Thank you angels💕❣️🧡

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