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Dave Nelson  Rapper/Beatboxer/DJ/Graffiti Artist/Bboy/Booking agent/Apex Live/Dani and Lizzy/Wandering Worx/Sleeveless Records/Animal Hou5e/🌎globe explorer #Nicey


Had such a blast rocking on the Village stage on top of the wall of @pksound surrounded by amazing art, nature and my crew! 🐯 πŸ”Š @shambhala_mf

Wowzers what an amazing weekend πŸ’₯ Sick lil pic of me performing in the Village with @stylustbeats Big shouts to @bobbytphotography on the flick and everyone in that forest who made it such an amazing trip! @shambhala_mf @kosmic.kitty @freshkils @vekked @jdohemusic @court_4short @toocomfy @inclinebass @lishhoops @def3 @ayesha_leila @djrippel @jadeekin @gistohongisto @lawtattoos @sleevelessrecords @the_jleon #Nicey #Shambhala2017

@electriclovemusicfestival was dope this weekend... Had fun performing & hosting + got to meet one of my all time faves @twistagmg #Nicey #Twista #Emotionz

Beautiful weekend of performing at a double wedding in Gavin Lake + getting some canoe πŸ›Ά & fishing time in. Wishing both couples an amazing life together ❀️ #Canada #thecariboo #Love #Nicey #Lake #Nature

It's been an amazing tour with my man @the_jleon was epic to show him some of Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ and rock some really fun shows & festivals together. Bass bins, howling wolves, Conakrys, chocolate mushrooms, beaches, forests, pig noses 🐷, poppin bottles, freestyle sessions, opera singing & all that jazz. One more day and he heads back to Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· #JLeon #PuraVida #SleevelessRecords #MuchoLove

Always laughing and smiling with bae = soul food ❀️ I love this beautiful lady @kosmic.kitty

@talltreemusic festival was amazing and one of my faves πŸ’―... So great to perform, pop some bottles and get mountainous with my peoples @kels__love @the_jleon @kosmic.kitty @matthealien @stylustbeats @dizzydlux @dj_coner @djpraiz @b_witched13 #Nicey #talltreefestival

Stoked that my "Orbits" ep with @gistohongisto is charting at #4 on the Earshot national campus and community radio report. Thanks for the support and if you haven't heard it you can check it out on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud etc πŸ’₯#Nicey #Emotionz #Gisto #CollegeRadio 🎀🎢

See you on the island this weekend for @talltreemusic festival! 🌲🎢 Ill be rocking out with @stylustbeats @the_jleon @matthealien @djpraiz @dj_coner @kosmic.kitty & more! #Nicey #vancouverisland #talltreefestival

Vancouver was lookin nicey yesterday #Yvr #Vancouver #Trees #Vancity #EnglishBay 🌴 🌴 🌴

Still buzzin off of the Angkor Wat vibes ...Another crazy adventure with my cuz @agro_dave #cambodia #angkorwat #Nicey

Me and my cuzzy @agro_dave at the Cool Lounge opening in Phnom Penh Cambodia... was amazing to hit the Bboy Cypher, beatbox and rap with some real hip hop heads on the other side of the globe 🌎❀️#Nicey #Bboy #Bboys #cambodianhiphop

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