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emily  I'm an embarrassment.

Progress, latest-oldest paintings

I probably won't even get this done in time, let's be honest, but I'm trying my best!

I hope this print turns out as good as I think it will... 😍

I'm super excited for this 💕

I've had a migraine since 11am Saturday and I want to die. Chronic everything is kicking my ass.

I'm covered in bruises and kind of need to shave but I'll probably just paint.

How am I going to survive next year without my furry​ babies?

All dried. It's so pretty I want to scream.

It's officially been 24 hours since I've painted this and it's still wet, any suggestions for a name? I'm thinking of doing a series of the elements since I've been told that this looks like water. What do you think?

This use to be my favourite place.


PLEASE stop asking me if I've lost weight, the answer is yes. DON'T let your next question be "oh have you been in the hospital recently?" As though my sickness is the greatest diet ever. I KNOW I'm loosing weight. I wear baggy clothes so less people pay attention to me, so it's less noticeable that I've lost 20 pounds since last year.
I USE to think I had broad shoulders and now I look dainty. Most of my pants don't fit me right anymore but I can't be bothered to buy new ones. When I look in the mirror I can SEE my collarbone without doing anything, after eating a huge meal, I can still see my hip bones, and from certain angles I can see my ribs and chest bone.
I DON'T know how I feel about this weight loss yet. So PLEASE, shut up.
Sincerely, the girl in recovery.

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