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EMMYLOU MACCARTHY ❤️🎬🌵🎥💡  One word, no hyphen 👉🏽 Emmylou Melbourne ❤️ Producer/Presenter #logies2018 #confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy Kindness Always 🙌🏽

|Be Ready|
Ok… so I constantly get asked; how do I keep up my energy and daily hustle?
For me, it all starts with a mindset (which is not always on point) and when my mindset is failing me I have one daily practise that always manages to get me out of a funk (well, more times than not anyway).📸

This little insight is something I normally reserve for my Confidence Consultations (yes I do do those, I just don’t advertise it).
I made a very clear decision nearly 2yrs ago, around the same time I started the hashtag #logies2018, that I was always going to be “photo ready” when I walked out my front door.📸

At first it started with hair and makeup (something I could easily manage and I had all the tools to do it) and slowly, as my wardrobe became more full, my style then started to evolve into it as well. (hint; your style will always be constantly evolving)
Through this practise I have had weight gain, financial lows, massive knock backs, rejection’s and more doors slammed in my face than I would like to admit. But that one thing stayed with me through all of it, I would get up and style the shit out of whatever look my heart desired.📸

So… take today’s outfit for instance, (pictured above), not a meeting in sight, not one photographer ready to shoot me. The only audience my outfit got was Coles, my local cafe and the school run (which I was late for so I didn’t even get to walk into the school yard with this killer combo ) .
But none the less I was ready, and from the comfort of my home while dressed in this cool ensemble I made phones calls, wrote emails and got my shit done. 📸

@shellyhorton1 once told me a similar story; that she was going to be ready no matter what, it gave me goosebumps and made me realise I was on the right track.📸

Thanks for all the love on my threads today, check out Insta Stories for outfit details 👆🏽
📸 snapped by Camellia May Love ( my 6yr old ) #confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy #logies2018 #emmylouloves

#yourchoice ❤️

Going Live is now happening at 4pm today!
Wontons, Gyoza’s and all the madness of what ever the kids may bring. Get your wine, your dinner prep and come join me or let me join you - in about 10min’s!!🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟

#liveinstagram #gyoza #dumplings #sundaycooking #mumslife #joinme #emmylouloves #confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy #logies2018 #video

|Peek a Boo I See You|

What a day of gorgeous souls sharing on Insta Stories what they like to do to get themselves out of a rut and on with their day🙌🏽

Thank you for giving me and so many others joy and comfort ❤️

What’s your go to for getting yourself out of a funk !?! A brisk walk? Red Lipstick? Chocolate? Call a friend or your mum? Movie marathon? 🙋🏻‍♀️

📸 @dominichookphotovideo speaking of joy, this photo gives me so much, thank you for this sweet snap taken @poppiesforgrace last month!! #confidenceiscontagious #emmylouloves #emmyloumarymaccarthy #logies2018

That time I took two babies to a Muay Thai camp in Phuket.. I miss kicking and punching stuff ✌🏼
Rough footage but I love it ✌🏼#confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy #emmylouloves #logies2018


Nothing but my mate Jango and @_zilvi golden eye 🙌🏽

As hard as it was to produce this shoot, looking back at this photo it feels like a simpler time.
This was taken for the 3 part series “Your Mind is Your Tribe”
You can scroll my feed for the videos or check them in HIGHLIGHTS 👆🏽 #emmyloumarymaccarthy #confidenceiscontagious #emmylouloves #logies2018 #llama

|Old Clothes New Tricks|

June marks 3years since I became an accredited fashion stylist.
I love showing you my wardrobe, my clothes and my style. Judging by your DM’s you love it too ✌🏼 •
I know how frustrating it can be if you see something that’s from last season. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tip- if you see an outfit you love and it’s made up of pieces from last season, then take another look and see what it is you like about it.
Is it the colour way, the style of the garment or maybe just the statement piece of jewellery??
Once you work out what it is then it’s easy to replicate it with some on trend pieces that you should find in store!
Today- Wearing head to toe old stuff ! •
Ps- how big is this dog !!! 👆🏽#scottishdeerhound #emmyloumarymaccarthy #emmylouloves #confidenceiscontagious #logies2018 #iamnotahairdresser

Is there anything better than coming out the other side of a couple of days of bickering and nit picking at each other ?❤️

This arvo was spent eating ice cream and walking the streets of Albert Park.
And it felt really lovely, so lovely it actually made me sad...
Funny when a gorgeous feeling washes over you, it can make you feel a sense of loss. All of sudden you realise how long it’s been since that gorgeous feeling was last present xx #confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy #emmylouloves #sagecamelliaandvidalove

Alright guys !! Time to stop harassing @ironchefshellie about the dress details 😂
I mistakingly said the incorrect brand on my stories today and all hell has broken loose!!!! This dress is made by a beautiful Melbourne made fashion house called @clemence_thelabel 🙌🏽

In my defence I was directing, producing, cooking, styling and staring in my own cooking video and photo’s so I didn’t pay attention to the labels as I changed from one outfit to another 😆

It’s stunning and fingers crossed they will consider doing a rerun but I have been messaging to see if I can get a XL... if anyone hears back, please let me know if you guys have any luck as I would really love to own this dress too xx 👏🏽

My earrings are @bellfrankieandco and the the digs I am standing in are @circa_47 ✌🏼
Ps- I tagged my self !
But I think we should tag our friends as well @clemence_thelabel!! Let’s start a movement😂 BRING BACK THE DRESS 🙌🏽 #emmylouloves #emmyloumarymaccarthy #confidenceiscontagious #logies2018 #slowfashion

Ok.. well I can’t feel my feet but I can certainly feel the love ! •
Let me take you back less then two weeks ago .

I had lunch with @ironchefshellie at the @sofitelmelbourneoncollins after being chased through a car park. I told her over our lunch that I wanted to do a cookbook. She said I will shoot it!
So I immediately got my diary out and said how about next week ?
I mean this girl just got back from shooting in Milan and we are hardly ever in the same state let alone continent! ( more her then me😉)😘 •
So then I did what I do best... I went and pulled a rabbit out of a hat and hustled my heart out. 👊🏽

First stop @southmelbournemarket to see if they would support me with some fresh produce and I was blown away when that said YES!😘

Next stop @obusclothing because .. of course 🙌🏽 😘 •
@maxwellandwilliamsofficial you introduced me to a whole new world of styling and serving, I feel like shopping through your website matured my cooking and style in light years.😘

Then the beautiful crew @felicesplace got in touch🥩

Then there were the amazing team that just came together like all my shoots, randomly but with purpose.
@gorgeousandglamorous_official messaged asking if she could help with hair and makeup after speaking to her on the phone ( for nearly an hour) I not only knew her life story but I that she was good egg that just wanted to have some fun! 😘

@bysamanthamelbourne who I hadn’t had a chance to catch up with since the March wanted to come on down so straight away I put her on the clothes 😘 •
Then came along these two fairy god mothers!!
@ellie.the.stylist and @mocha.theresa you girls seriously blew my mind!!!! Again we only spoke on the phone once and for about 10min and with out a doubt I knew I had to have them with me on the day !🙌🏽 •
Then 2 days before we were about to shoot I got a message from @circa_47 which then changed the whole course of the shoot. Ben & Corrine, your family is as stunning as your home ❤️

Just when I thought nothing could get more random @gippslandjersey gives me a ☎️ and completely blows my mind the night before!
@sds_images how far we have come ✌🏼 #confidenceiscontagious #emmyloumarymaccarthy #emmylouloves

Mama is going to need a lot of coffee tomorrow !
Currently cooking my heart out getting everything prepped for tomorrow’s cook book shoot! •
Majority of the cooking needs to be made tonight so it’s fresh and also so we are not waiting around on set twiddling our thumbs while a slow roasted lamb cooks over 4hrs! •
Tomorrow we are trying to shoot a whole book in one go PLUS video for some of the recipes!!!! To say I am nervous and feeling a little overwhelmed is an understatement. But you guys know I got this👊🏽
It’s the thrill of the chase that sometimes gets the blood pumping, but I do love it! 😆
Big thanks to everyone that applied to help out on set, I must admit next time I will do applications via email as Instagram messages are not the easiest to keep track of and am so sorry if I didn’t get back in touch with you x
So many outfit enquirers regarding my jumper & shoes which are from @frankie_and_co_
My epic earrings are @bellfrankieandco
And my lip colour is DIVA by @maccosmeticsaustralia ✌🏼

Would it be bad if I said “I love my thighs?”

Alright guys I know its hard but I want you to dig deep and tell me one thing you love about yourselves… just one, or maybe you have a list!?📜

Can be a physical quality, a mental ability or maybe its just something about your life that gives you satisfaction knowing its all about you..

I will start, Ok so I love my thighs, but only if the weather is at the perfect temp and I have talced enough that they’re not chaffing.

I love my butt and the fact its always had shape.
Since kids it has definitely gone astray but my love is still there!

I like the fact I can make people laugh at the most inappropriate things and am grateful for the humour I attract in my tribe.🙌🏽 •
Now dont get me wrong there a quite few things I totally dislike about myself, my tummy😫, my screamy mum voice, my sheer messiness that border lines on gross, my inability to shake the anxiety when someone doesn’t like me.. the list can go on, but I tonight is about what I do like so lets just stick with that.
Dont leave me hanging ladies and gents, let me know what floats your boat when it comes to YOU !! 📸epic photo skills @emmaperryphoto #confidenceiscontagious #emmylouloves #emmyloumarymaccarthy #logies2018

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