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Looking back at my older pencil drawings β™‘ I can't wait to be back ✏ miss you guys πŸ˜ƒ
#fabercastell #polychromos #bristolpaper

2015 or 2016? 😊
Top drawing with polychromos and bottom drawing with luminance colored pencils ✏

#WIP ✏ Who else loves drawing hair? βœ‹

Drawing braids again ✏
Materials: Strathmore bristol paper, Faber-Castell 9000 pencils and black polychromos

πŸ“½ I decided to share the video even though I didn't finish the drawing.. I just couldn't correct and layer on this paper as much as I'm used to (Strathmore grey toned paper)
The real-time video is on my Patreon (emmykalia) if you would like to learn how I drew the eye, nose, skin and hair. You could use these same techniques on other toned paper you prefer.
Materials I have used are listed under the video on Youtube!

What do you think of the drawing so far? ✏

Progress... ✏ I'm not really satisfied with this grey toned paper, I think it's because it doesn't hold that many layers πŸ€” I'm not sure...
What is your favorite paper to work on?
I think mine is the bristol smooth paper!!

#wip graphite pencils on grey toned paper #carandache #grafwood #strathmorepaper

Time for graphite pencils on grey toned paper ✏ πŸ˜ƒ #strathmorepaper #carandache #grafwood

πŸ“½ youtube.com/emmykalia
The real-time video is available on patreon.com/emmykalia ✏
#carandache #pablo #coloredpencils #swissmade

This drawing took me way longer than usual..because I was using these Pablo pencils for the first time and had to get used to them. I will definitely be using them again but only for the details like the iris, lashes and eyebrow..for the skin I will use the Luminance pencils like usual!
Which colored pencils do you prefer? ✏
#carandache #pablo #coloredpencils #swissmade

and more layers..... ✍ I'm challenging myself by only using the pablo pencils. Normally I would use the caran d'ache luminance for coloring skin because they are softer and blend better. I love the pablo pencils and the colors but next time I would use the luminance for bigger areas and the pablos for the details. #carandache #pablo #coloredpencils #swissmade

Layers, layers and more layers... ✍ work in progress with the pablo pencils #carandache #pablo #coloredpencils #swissmade

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