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•i love emilys dog so much its so cute


Thankyou so much guys ❤️😭😭

I love them so much omgg

Thought id post an older photo because why not 👍🏻😂

Living for the thrasher shirt tbh


Stun stun stunnn

Credit to: @emilybean.jensen , needed to post something❤️


Guys just letting y'all know that i am NOT emily. I am a fanpage. Emily left her old username in her intro/ outro on her re-uploads and thats why you think im her. Please dont dm me thinking im emily because it makes me feel bad that you see that ive read it and you then think that im her. Dont get me wrong, i am extremely overwhelmed by the number of active follower i have and if you swipe, wow, thats a lot of profile visits. Anyway, i have tagged emily in the first picture so y'all can go follow her. I am extremely grateful for how successful this fanpage has become, but if you dont want to follow me i dont mind if you unfollow. •@emilyjensenn is emilys account name so if your not already, go follow her❤️

I love emilys new hair, i think it was a great decision! It really suits her! Go and watch her new video where she shaves it off featuring @elizabethjacobb ! ❤️

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