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Emme Rylan 


Our daughter is here and we are so utterly in love with her!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #nonameyet

Celebrating the fact that my life will be forever changed tomorrow! Can't. Wait. #stillpreggers #butnotforlong

Certainly she has had the baby by now.... nope. #stillpreggers Living in the pool these days, it's the only way to hold this belly up!! #bumpin Monday the #evictionnotice will officially be served.

This evening the role of baby will be played by Jasper Twirly Lightning Bolt Money Jr. Unfortunately the lead has refused to come out of her dressing room so until further notice we are forced to throw Jasper into a role he might not be ready for. #stillpreggers #rockabyebaby

Yep. #stillpreggers The doctor is guessing that she will weigh 9 1/2 pounds. Might be why the last 3 strangers I've passed have congratulated me on the twins. #noiamnothavingtwins It's @dmoney596's fault. #hewasagiantbaby #whenyouarethispregnantyouareallowedtouseasmanyhashtagsasyouwantjusttrytostopme

Nothing says Happy Father's Day like pancakes decorated as Minions! Don't worry @dmoney596 I made them wash their hands before they touched every single thing on your plate. We love you!! #happyfathersday

Cosleeper is officially put together and waiting.... any day now No Name, any day. Changing table set up ✔️Swing put together ✔️Stroller ready ✔️Car seat arrived ✔️ #stillpreggers (Don't worry the stuffies and the blankets will never be in the cosleeper with her. Just trying to entice her here with cute things.)

Going to continue to make them this stuff until they are old enough to be mortified by me. 😬🤣😍#diy #silhouettecameo

This beautiful creature graduated from preschool tonight! (I sobbed uncontrollably. #hormones #stillpreggers) #bestmomentsofmylife

Too pregnant to open my eyes. #yourekickinmesmalls #homestretch #stillpreggers

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