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How have two weeks already passed by? Not really sure, though the bags under my eyes would confirm that we’ve had a couple weeks of sleepless nights. We took our first trip to Moncton! Ellington did super considering how silly her parents were. Clearly we’re not firing on all cylinders seeing as we got 20 minutes down the road and had to turn around and go back home. So seeing as we took an extra 45 minutes - the fact she made it to Amherst is a minor miracle. #ourbabygirl #ellingtonmurieladelaidesymes #ellingtonofbeckwith #weekendadventures #babyrolls #ourbeautifulbabygirl #sleepdeprived

This is my favourite face she has right now. That milk drunk sort of sighing and the dribbles of milk rolling down her chin.... her momma can’t get enough. But on that note... to all you moms and moms to be out there who decide to breast feed your babies - it’s hard. And if you’re rocking it, and sticking to it, and have chaffed, cracked, impossibly sore nipples and breasts... you’re not the only one. Seriously... it might be the hardest, most frustrating and emotionally exhausting thing I’ve done. #momstrong #momstruggles #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingproblems #ellingtonmurieladelaidesymes #babysymes #ourbabygirl

I think my heart is now on the outside of me. You think you know what love is.. and then you realize that the feelings you have you’ve never really felt before. This little girl is 4 days old but I can’t believe she’s really here. She’s our Ellington - already feisty, strong and makes hilarious faces. She’s already teaching me patience. #EllingtonSymes #ourbabygirl #ourlittlefamily #4daysold #loved #wearingmyheartonhersleeve #ellingtonmurieladelaidesymes

We all have friends who come to us in different times and ways. Some best ones you’ve known your whole life, others you stumble upon, @chelseyhiebert I fell over. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure what to make of her when we first met. She tells you exactly how it is from the very beginning and her personality fills the room. But I learned very quickly that those were some of my favourite things about her. She’s gone from being a co-worker, to my boss for four years, to being the bestie who took time from her insane school schedule to show up in Moncton and hang out with me for a weekend. You seriously can’t ask for a better person on your team! I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but auntie Chelsey is pretty pumped for poppyseed to. We all need crazy aunts right?! #bestfriends #crazyaunt #poppyseed #spontaneousmoments #airportrun #selfie #thepersonyoucallfirst #sheknowsallmysecrets

I’ve been really bad at posting while pregnant - like this one. This was an amazing day. Matt’s family threw us a baby shower for poppyseed. So many friends and family were there. My family drove all the way to Moncton for it! But this one on the left, took it a step further and flew home one of my best friends from Winnipeg to surprise me. Let’s just say I cried so many tears that day. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who truly care about the three of us. Poppyseed is going to be one lucky bug. She has my love as a dad. Even though poppyseed has yet to arrive, he is already a father in my eyes. He’s cared, and looked after both of us for the last nine months through the grossness pregnancy threw at me. Just saying - he’s gonna rock being a dad. Happy Father’s Day ❤️❤️❤️ #adventureswithmylove #fathersday #twobecomesthree #poppyseed #ourpoppyseed #38weekspregnant #love #ourlittlefamily #babysymes

Home away from home for the weekend. We’ve found ourselves a perfect little getaway spot. #visitnovascotia #ns #ruralns #southshore #staycations #captainsquarters #lastweekendawaybeforebaby #poppyseed #adventureswithmylove #typography

Not a complete good draft as there are still lots of things I’d like to tweak, but perfect is the enemy of improvement right? If you don’t know what FUBAR means, you should look it up 😅😂 I took the day to clear my mind from obligations and just create for #goodtypetuesday @goodtype @staychillbill It was fun just to work through problems. Changes to the A and R eventually. But when you’re working on the clock, at some point you have to call it quits. #typography #fubar #handlettering #donebyhand #sketchbook #microns #sketches #lettering #practisemakesprogress #emmelyne #emmelynecreative #penandink

With poppyseed soon on the way, I’ve been trying to spend time with this girl. People ask how we think she’ll be with the little and honestly - 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have no idea. She’s a rescue and as awesome as she is, you always have to think about how she’s going to respond. She is a dog. As much as she has snuggled with poppyseed over the last nine months, it doesn’t mean the greeting on the other side is going to go swimmingly. We are prepared for this. She doesn’t have free reign of the house anymore. She knows when she’s allowed up to snuggle in the mornings and when she’s not. She’s become @symes6 training partner - so as often as he can, she goes on his runs and has a special bond with him which grows a little more every day. I don’t need her to best buds with our little, mutual respect from both sides would be a win win. Because these morning snuggle times with her are really the best. And if she could continue to do them even when the baby is here, that would be amazing. But, we’ll see. For now, we’re soaking in these last few weeks! #37weekspregnant #mydogbo #rescuedog #agirlandherdog #trainingeveryday #thecalmbeforepoppyseed #poppyseed

Some days I wake up and my mind is blown. I often can’t believe how lucky I am. This life we’ve created together as a couple and soon together as parents is one I wouldn’t trade. How does one thank their partner for all of the support they provide? How does one show the love you truly feel... and I get it, being pregnant means I’ve got a whole lot of hormones running through me making my emotions even more heightened. But to me this may be one of my favourite photos that we had taken together as of yet. You can’t even tell it’s us! But his hands - get me every time. #mylifewithmylove #mypartner #37weekspregnant #thiscrazyadventure #1+1=3 #poppyseed #blessed #housefulloflove #ourstory #emandm #mattandme

Seven Bays has been my social escape and it’s all thanks to the awesome peeps in the breakfast club @tkoach1 @jmcgray90 @rebecca.rathbone Walker. You guys are the best! And before anyone tries to scold me... I’ve been climbing the whole way through. I only climb things I know I can climb and then down climb. I don’t over do it. And my thought is my baby is happier when I’m happy - and climbing makes me happy. #climbing #sevenbays #37weekspregnant #poppyseed #climbingfortwo #climbingalltheeasyproblems

Guys!! It’s insane how quickly time passes... I’m going to be 37 weeks this week and today was Day 1 of my maternity leave!! I can’t explain how much weight lifted off my shoulders to wake up this morning and not feel guilty about being tired and just wanting to cuddle Bo in bed this morning. We had a lazy morning consisting of breakfast in the sunshine, chatting with our bestie @chelseyhiebert, showering, lunch, and then sketching at @apt3coffee. Funny enough, this idea came to me and I’ve been pumped about it and it’s Symplicity work 😆😂🙄. Also, check out my sweet #Bathurst pencil! Gotta love New Brunswick! #handlettering #sketches #cafeafternoon #day1ofthenextchapter #maternityleavestartingnow #36weekspregnant #sketchbook #graphite #mybathurstpencil

Some things change, and then there’s a Bo in the middle to remind us that some things don’t. #mydogbo #afamilyandherdog #ontheroadagain #bointhemiddle #themiddleisbest #blackandwhite

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