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Emma Taylor  haze is all i know // hazy ep out now


to celebrate 130,000+ listens on @spotify, check out my live session of New Found Sound off my EP 'Hazy' // thanks to @slapstaff for featuring me && thanks to everyone for enjoying the record -- keep listening while i work on more tunes // full link in my bio ✨✨

i'm really bad at instagram

looking up at my 20s like...

bc where else would i spend my 20th birthday ??

filmed something special for @slapstaff // live session coming soon ✨✨

my fingers touch the world as if i were just touching braille, it's like i feel it but i don't know what it means quite yet //

what a great mid-week pick me up !! many thanks to @indiemono for featuring my song "New Found Sound" on their 'love songs' playlist on @spotify -- honored to be grouped with some of my favorite artists // be sure to check it out & continue listening to the EP, i promise you won't regret it ✨✨

5. Sweet Sudden Loathing // I decided to make this song the last on the record because i feel it as a release, my final thoughts. the whole ep is meant to be a journey with ups and downs, leading to this -- an epiphany, a realization. i wrote it during that time of confusion with complete vulnerability knowing that the unknown is a craving and complete necessity for me to be creative. its that 'light' at the end of the tunnel.

4. Living's Lonely // this is by far the most unique song on the entire record because it's totally different than the other 4. as the singular upbeat track, i wrote it without thinking it to be that way. it's a song that reflects on the idea of being isolated. singular in the world while looking at others, wondering if their views are the same. it's ironic given that the lyrics are melancholic and the melody is joyous and celebratory, but that's what makes it all the more powerful and pinching.

3. Here // i feel like i keep saying that i wrote each song during a hard time in my life, but it's true. this record is basically a reflection of that time. this song in particular was the first that i had written in college after being so creatively drained for months. because of this, i took my personal feelings out of it and created a story of longing from a couples perspective. it's the misreading of signs and the constant questioning "how did we get here?" that helped me bring this song to life.

2. Hazy // i knew immediately after writing this song that i should name the whole record after it. it's so reflective of what i was going through at that time -- i was scared, alone, and confused about how to begin my life in a new city with all new people surrounding me. i had the first lines written in my voice memo for a while before i had actually written the rest of the song, but once i began syncing lyrics with melody it all came together so effortlessly. "my fingers touch the world as if i were just touching Braille. it's like i feel it but i don't know what it means quite yet"

1. New Found Sound // i wrote this song in a state of unknown, with my own mindset but through different eyes. as an artist, the future is always something that is inevitably obvious but sometimes terrifying to actually think about. for me, i wanted to uplift myself while confronting the future in an indirect yet effect way. this song has a deep place in my soul because it is so relevant and i feel like it always will be during my times of doubt. its a journey of realization, optimism, and emotion. "it doesn't matter if she looks ahead 'cause all the roads they lead to solid ground. and although the path had seemed so rocky, now she can embrace the journey to her new found sound" // #hazy #music

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