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Emma Svensson  Climbing the highest mountain in every country in America. www.american-peaks.com @thenorthface | @grivel Fundraiser for rainforest:

I have some great news! I'm super excited to join the @grivel team. I know I'm still a rookie at climbing in any form (maybe less rookie now then when I started two years ago) but I'm so honored and happy to have their support along the way to future adventures. Looking forward to great things to come.

I was also looking forward to trying out my new gear in Norway this week but weather was not with us: The ice was melting, avalanches everywhere and ice falling from the waterfalls. So approach after approach left us with nothing else then having to turn back. Next time!

#grivel #americanpeaks #alpineclimbing

Out chasing ice in Norway today. Never found any good one. But we got pretty epic views!

Photo by @thimmykla

Tonight´s view from the top of a small mountain in Norway! I took the train to Ålesund for a week of climbing and skiing. Got invited by my friend @thimmykla - so nice. But first: A photo shoot tomorrow!

Thanks for the nice raincoat @rains
Photo @linusphotos

Last winter I started learning skiing after snowboarding all my life. I love to be a beginner at something and get to learn new skills. To develop is something that is really important to me. This is from when me and @ludwigkarrasch was out in Germany - I wanted to do Zugspitze on skis but before @digitalsteak helped me fix my ski boots they were way too painful so I had to turn around after a few hours due to blisters. Tomorrow I will ski again since the first time after the accident - in our 86 m high hill in Stockholm ;)

Can´t wait to go back to the mountains! Next up: Ice climbing in Norway

Photo by @stefanfilzmoser

The view from the top of Gran Paradiso 4061 m. Do you want to stand up there with me, @airpixels and @stefanfilzmoser this summer? We have 2 spots left on our photo adventure in the Alps! Take the train to Chamonix and join us! All info at www.photography-tours.com

She is a total superstar now and I couldn´t be more proud. This is her first album cover that I shot a few years ago in my studio. One of the coolest girls I know! @zaralarsson

Me @airpixels and @tikaworldz hiked up here for the sunset and just got there before dark. An Australian guy were sitting there enjoying the view all alone. I gave him some chocolate and gloves because he was freezing. Then we took some photos and after going back down I turned around and ran up again and asked the Australian guy if I could kiss him. He was so cute! (But he said no hehe) good memories from Patagonia.

Mt Whitney! My first real climb 2 years ago. I was on a plane to New Zealand when I saw the movie Everest. I just knew I had to climb mountains after that. So I signed up for a three days expedition on Mt Whitney via mountaineers route a half year later. It was the perfect introduction. Standing on the 4421 m high summit was an amazing feeling and I just knew I had to climb more mountains after that.

My first editorial for ELLE with supermodel @fridargustavsson a few years ago. I still love this photo.

Dolomites. Driving a fast car on narrow roads winding up the mountains listening to dreamy electronic music. Hiking super fast to catch the light. The most beautiful views in the world.

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