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Emma S  Creative Product Strategist | Real Estate Guru | vintage furniture enthusiast | ideas all the time | @rhubarbthepup for pup pics

in protest of 'feels like 12°'

v grateful that the endless demolition behind my apartment takes a lunch break.

all I need in this life of sin is @rhubarbthepup and a La Croix can.

happy Valentine's Day to my little Totino, you're my favorite. (inappropriate tongue movements and all) 💕@jayjay_af💕

just me, my ❤️, and 500,000 of my closest friends #womensmarchonwashington

A bright spirit holding court in this sea of hopeful humans #womensmarch

Leveling up my basic-ness in 2017. Xmas gifts included: Fitbit, kindle, essential oil diffuser ✌🏻

My 31st birthday was spent in the company of my 2 favorite things: ❤️️+🍕so it was 👌🏻

i just actually cannot.

my ability to brave this trash weather and this garbage world, stems from these two adorable boos

TFW you love something so much it hurts

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