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Emma Rocks! 


Hi ladybird!


Using my hand as a pillow

A new mama bird moved in before I had time to clean the poo. High turnover this year! New babies coming soon!!

Smells better from up here.

I left the house! Yippee.

Another of Rick's impulse purchases. It's almost as tall as me.

Graduation Day! A couple reassuring chirps and last bug meals from mom, and they're off onto the fan and then into the trees. Not so fast my babies!!!! 😭🐣

Today is the day! Mom's in constant communication, one baby flew off and two others made it to the ceiling fan and back several times. πŸ”­

Orrrrrrrr just take a nap. Whichever. πŸ”­

Guys. You're practically full grown. FLY YOU FOOLS. πŸ”­

Nighttime in the Eastern Phoebe nest πŸ”­

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