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Emma  These aren't the droids you're looking for.

"republican wives don't smile with their teeth" - come back @collizz #republicanhair #witchwitchyoureawitch #latergram

call me ishmael #nofilter

Thanks for a great trip, Salem. @collizz #witchwitchyoureawitch

Auditioning for the eventual Practical Magic remake. @collizz #republicanhair #witchwitchyoureawitch

She's beauty, she's grace, she'll hex you into outer space. @collizz

She has to live there now. @collizz

Sticks and stones.

With the sisterhood. @collizz

When it's the first super hot day of the year, sometimes all you can do is lay on the floor.

She's the most dedicated neighborhood safety officer I know. Happy Mother's Day to the woman I derive all my humor and smarts from.

Pennsylvania Pupdate: Bergy sits outside.


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