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Emma Kate 

Good times, but no pork rinds #crep #okay

Congrats to our newest (& favorite) Philly!!!!!! We love u, Jamie!!!!! Can u still call Dru every morning to make sure he’s up for class? Oh & also if u could keep telling him what tests he has every week that’d be good too!!!!!! #connorspants #aretooshort

To say I have the best friends in the world would not be enough!!!! Thank you to everyone who flawlessly surprised me with a grad party!!! Here’s to hoping I actually graduate (since my dad doesn’t seem to think I will) 💁🏼‍♀️

Okay jokes over you guys can come back now‼️

Hotty Toddy !!!!! Go Rebs !!!!!! Wohoo !!!!!!


the shenanigans have just begun‼️‼️‼️ #hopeaunty #libraryscaries #urgentcare

Happy happy 21st birthday to the only dood I would ever spend 12+ hours in a car with!!! Thanks for 3 years of great mems & lots of laughs!!! I love u 😋

Day 4 & Dru has minimal damage done to his body but unfortunately is still making the same faces on rides‼️ #blistersupdate2017 #blistersnomore #disneyround2

22 years of Bailey, 8 years of best friendship!!!! Thanks for always encouraging me to eat the other half of my subway sandwich 🤙🏼love u!!!!

Danita survived (barely) & you looked beautiful as ever!!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, E!!!! Love u forever!!! #rowlandtothechapel

Thnx friends but jokes on you guys cause I'm not having kids!!!!! 🤘🏼

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