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EJP  Mummy to Judson Jay 👶🏼❤️ Joel 👫 Lover of Fashion, Fitness and Food. 😍

Green Smoothie Bowl to start my Sunday morning. I had a vegan cheese burger last night so feeling abit sluggish after having bread as I haven’t eaten it in awhile. So this is exactly what I felt like this morning.
- coconut water
- frozen banana
- frozen mango - handful of spinach
- passionfruit - @pranaon ‘super
greens powder fresh mint’
Topped it off with @bluefrogbreakfast crunch peanut butter and cacao vegan granola.
#delish #smoothiebowl #breakfast #sundaymorning

So hard to keep my eyes open because the sun 😂☀️ Who else is obsessed with jumpsuits? 🙋🏼‍♀️ loving this print! @kookai_australia #work #happyfriday #jumpsuits #kookai #kookaiette

People have asked what I’ve been eating lately. So thought I would do a food post! I keep things simple and easy but still taste delicious. My lunches are very similar to this every day at the moment.
Brown Rice and Vege Pattie. I get these from Coles in frozen section. The ingredients are really good with no added nasties. I roasted some white potatoes, capsicum and carrot. My salad on the side is lettuce, spinach, raspberries, avocado and a mixture of seeds and goji berries❤️The dressing: Dijon Mustard, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and Honey or Maple Syrup. ❤️ that’s it so simple and yum!
Just remember when being plant based ( I have learnt this also) you need to have starchy carbs or any good carbs otherwise you won’t be full for long! So I will have white potato, sweet potato, brown rice or white rice etc. #plantbased #guthealthy #feelingsogood #vegetables #fruit #happybody #happygut

Since going plant based I feel like everything emotionally, mentally and physically has changed for the good. I’m not doing plant based to lose weight, I’m doing it to have healthy insides. I’m eating more vegetables and fruit then every before and feeling 100% times better. I’ve still got a long way to go to get my gut health better, but little improvements make it worth it. I’ve always heard fruit makes you fat, or don’t eat from other then blueberries and strawberries because they have fewer calories/sugar. That what scared me to turn plant based, but I’m definitely changed my mind about that. Reading @medicalmedium has proved plant based diet can help cure mystery illnesses, gut issues etc. Also having my celery juice every morning has helped also. ❤️ I’m not telling people they should stop doing what there doing and go plant based or stop eating meat etc. I’m just showing my journey, how I’m feeling and what’s working for me to heal my gut issues.❤️#feelinggood #guthealth #plantbased #fruitandveg #lifechanging #celeryjuicebenefits

Smoothie bowl for breakfast before we head to the markets 🌺🥑🥥🍎🍉🍋🥒 Frozen banana, ‘mango, passion fruit and almond milk. #yum #breakfastbowl #plantbased #changeyourhealth #healthyinsides #vegetablesandfruit

My first açai bowl in 2 years. 🤪 so so so yum!!!!!! Bye Bye Fruit fear.... Thanks @acaibrothers_victoriapoint #acaibowl #sogood #acaibrothers

❤️ Long POST ❤️Why have I decided to have celery juice every morning? First of all, I’ve had bad digestive/gut issues. I get pains in my stomach, I get bloated, I get nauseas.. but I’ve had scans and nothing shows up. Everything looks fine but I know somethings not right. People recommended having celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning and it had amazing results and to also read the @medicalmedium book.
I haven’t finished the book yet but he talks about mystery illnesses that doctors can’t figure out or don’t come up in scans. But anyways he talks about how you can fix any mystery medical condition with an abundance of fruit and Veges.
Celery juice - why is it so good? When you drinks 500ml of celery juice on an empty stomach is becomes very powerful. It’s can help so many medical conditions. Celery juice flushes our toxins out of your liver and body. It can help digestive issues, acid reflux and giving people so much more energy. But if you want to know more info head to @medicalmedium Instagram page. His book is really amazing too, it’s all about healing. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #medicalmedium #celeryjuice #gutissues #powerful

Judson is so excited about Christmas he wants to take his little Christmas tree everywhere 😂😂❤️❤️ #judsonjay #socute #cantdeal

I adore you #judsonjay ❤️ Sunday markets with my little family 😘 Judson holding his little Christmas tree 🎄 #weekend #family #markets

Wanted to get a nice photo in this outfit today! Head to toe in @kookai_australia #loveit Reality of this photo: having my front leg out so they look longer, I have toys in background I forgot to move, and trying to look candid 😂 😂 #work #kookaiette #friday #fun #fashion

The Mummy Club coming soon.. we are so lucky to have such special people in our lives. Judson, Asher and Maxwell will be the best of friends. 😍😍😍 Thanks for having us: @thebloomroomcafe #mummyclubcomingsoon #friends #lunch #ourbabies

Happy Saturday Everyone! 🎉🌺☀️🍷 accessories: @getgorgeous #weekend #headscarf #smile #happy

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