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e m m a h e a r n  i don’t follow rules. i follow dogs on social media.

started from the bottom now we’re here #sen19rszn

happy birthday @maggiewalker_17 ‘s boyfriend #hookem

y’all have no idea how heavenly this mandarin lemonade was

hi just here to say i want this many succulents in my room! ... okay bye.

they said it’s a one for one i said HECK YEAH

what a beautiful place of worship

this really is the happiest i’ve ever been

foreign architecture is SO interesting im in love

berries for brunch in greece! THIS IS LIVING!

drinking from the fountain of love *insert smirky face here*

i could get lost in these streets everyday for the rest of my life and i wouldn’t complain

a whole lotta wind & a whole lotta love

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