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Emma Ferreira  β€’ SSP Athlete β€’ @movefastliftheavy β€’@healthymealsdirect code: BABYEM β€’ @cornucopiafoods β€’ @point.of.life.acupuncture athlete

Thank you so much to @rjchampouillon and the crew at @point.of.life.acupuncture for keeping me in check this weekend!
Ready for a hard week of training 🦈
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This crop πŸ”₯
#storysawitfirst #mflh #niketraining

Nothing special here..just finally under that barbell again ❀️ so yea I guess it's pretty special 😏

160-205 squat clean and jerks with no pain πŸ€™πŸ½ @sportspecificpower @point.of.life.acupuncture @fitaid @healthymealsdirect @niketraining @cornucopiafoods
#mflh #painfree #sportspecificpower #health #crossfit #fit #fitness #mindoverbody #trusttheprocess #teamhmd #nike #Niketraining #ssp #bodsbyvinny #freedombabes

Monday πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ β€’
#Repost @staythecourse_ (@get_repost)
Sharks can smell blood in the water from miles away. They know something is fucked up, and they are going to check it out to see if they can get an easy meal. It's not mean, or malicious. It's just survival. Do what it takes to f** win. All the time. Trample those who need to be trampled. Destroy those who need to be destroyed. Win at all costs. #staythecourse

Love youuuus 🏈 #anotherone #win

βœŒπŸ½πŸ˜πŸ€” #squadgoals #fbf

Thursday's at @point.of.life.acupuncture πŸ€™πŸ½ One thing I've lacked is my recovery & now thanks to Ryder and his team at @point.of.life.acupuncture .. my recovery game is on point 😏
I highly recommend these guys if you want to recover faster, better, stronger & improve overall training. Remember recovery is just as important as performing. ☝🏽 #recover #pointoflifeacupuncture #activerecovery #thursday #crossfit #fit #fitness #ssp #sportspecificpower #mflh

πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #Repost @rondarousey ・・・
"Every scar on my hands tells a different story. It's like a scrapbook, a tally of all my accomplishments and I'm proud of them. How do your hands tell your story? " #BeMoreHuman #FightForMore

Check it out!

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Today we’re starting a new series under our #WellnessWednesday umbrella, showcasing nutrition and lifestyle tips from individuals with different athletic backgrounds. Exercise and Nutrition go hand-in-hand when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, but they aren’t the same for everyone, nor does it need to be for someone to be β€˜healthy’. This series will give real-life examples of what works specifically for each individual - including their Pre/Post workout meals, style of exercise and their personal outlook on being β€˜healthy’. To kickoff the series one of our newest athletes, @emmaferreiraaa, shares how she fuels her intense crossfit workouts with a diet called RP Strength. Head on over to our blog to learn why she eats this way and what her approach to healthy living looks like! #cornucopiafoods #wellnesswednesday

" a physical injury is one of the hardest mental challenges an athlete will face " - @lovegut17
Words can not express the feelings I've been having the past few weeks. My head has been all over. But I sat and waited it out literally until last minute.
My final decision is that i am opting out of the Granite Games due to my current wrist injury. It has not gotten worse but only better and that is why the decision has been so hard. I've thought things over and realized Granite Games is not the big picture and there's no point to risk an injury. It is a huge stepping stone and was a goal of mine to accomplish and I did. And I am proud. Proud of
myself for qualifying for Pro individual.
Ive realized that in my career now having the next 4-5 months of solid training is super important. To be ready for the open is my end goal.
To be better than 39th overall by end of march is what I want.
To be top 20 in the NE is the big picture.
With this being said it is final. I am going to take myself out of GG and continue my path of healing and prep for the 2018 Open.
Thank you @thegranitegames for this awesome opportunity. Super upset to miss out but I'll be back next year for sure. #trusttheprocess

Thanks @crossfitspeakeasy can't wait to come back!πŸ–€ #crossfit #fun #fit #fitness #health #lovewhatyoudo

Saturday night w/ @karipearcecrossfit
_______________________________________________________________Ski Erg & 200lb sandbag cleans πŸ€™πŸ½
_______________________________________________________________ @thegranitegames @movefastliftheavy @sportspecificpower @fitaid @point.of.life.acupuncture @healthymealsdirect #focus #neverlose #fit #fitness #crossfit #saturdaynight

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