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Emma Dunbar  in Jesus name i pray.


Hair queen does it again.! Thanks @amyneddermanhair😁

OMG GUYS! Ok so my friend @adrews04 told me this place would be getting Acaí bowls soon. Well they did & they are SO good!!😩I've had at least 2-3 a week haha but I could seriously eat one every day.! • I used to work at Jamba Juice {best job ever & I miss it every single day😭} but we had acaí bowls & I loved them. So thank goodness they started making them.! • they also have dragonfruit bowls & so many toppings to pick from.! Like, um, YES.! So yeah, just take your little booty on over here & get yourself a bowl.! You won't regret it.😁

Can I just date you forever, please?!❤️

Does anyone else struggle with praying?🙋🏼 • my mentor challenged me to pray on my knees every morning first thing when I wake up. Roll right out of bed on the floor. {it's so hard!!}. • nowadays, as soon as we wake up we check social media until we have to get ready for the day. Sometimes we are even on social media so long it makes us late for work or school. • something needs to change! So she is doing a bible study on prayer & this is the book {I'm going trough it on my own with accountability}. But I suggest this book to EVERYONE - especially if you are trying to better your prayer life. • one of my favorite paragraphs in this book says this, "what if the richest man in your city called you today & said he would give you $10,000 in cash every morning if you showed up & rang his doorbell at 6am. Would you be there? Absolutely. No question. Why? Because if we really want something bad enough & value it enough, we make it happen. We figure out a way to fit it into our schedules. At the same time, our Savior, Jesus Christ, is daily offering us eternal treasures from His Word & the opportunity to talk with His Father, the God of the Universe, to share our hearts & needs. And yet we still come up with excuses as to why we don't have time to make it work." • SO TRUE! I know I would be running & ringing that doorbell every day for that money.! • so let's do it to it & make prayer one of the most important parts of your day.!! • so I challenge you {just like my mentor does}, to pray on your knees every morning as soon as you wake up.! Do whatever you have to do to remind yourself - set an alarm, write it on a sticky note, or put a blanket on the floor so you remember to kneel right away & mark "your spot" to pray.! • I heart y'all.! & go buy this book!


You love antiques.
I'll buy you one whenever.
I love your cheeks.
Let me kiss them forever.❤️

Thanks for being strong when I am weak. For having peace when I am discouraged. For having hope when I am worried. I adore you, Morgan❤️

After 23 years (& 9 months) of living 5 feet from each other, Marg finally got annoyed of me stealing her clothes every day😉 & moved to Grand Rapids on Wednesday. She got a promotion for her job.! Although I'm sad she's gone, I know she will do great.! I guess I'll just have to come to GR so we can get Dunkin' & creep on people on Instagram😏. Love you forever Marge.!💕

It was my last day with the prettiest, funniest, clumsiest😉, loudest, most stylish store manager there ever was😭& she literally has the most FAB hair ever.!! I've hated her since day one because of it😉💁🏽I'm glad indy isn't too far.!! Love you always Nikki Jean.!💕

Babe alert🔥

February 1st. I would like to forever call this day, "Dad's {re}Birthday.!" & well, because this day 2 years ago is when dad was born into heaven & taken out of this earth. ••• Even though God created the heavens & the earth {Genesis 1:1} they are two VERY different places. I can only say this because of what I have read in the Bible. For those of you that don't know, my dad suddenly had a massive heart attack while shoveling our driveway. & from June 5, 1954 - February 1, 2015 dad so faithfully served his God & his family. ••• I had an Einstein's bagel & coffee this morning because that's where you could always find dad. The past 2 years has brought a lot of tears and hardships without dad here. But it has also made me eager to get to Heaven & see all the glorious sites he has enjoyed. ••• I was talking to Morgan the other night & told him "I just wish you could've met dad!" He will talk about dad & ask me things so he can learn more about what type of guy he was. In those conversations my heart breaks because I so badly wish the man I love could meet the first man I ever loved. The first man to see me cry, bring me flowers, & buy me dinner. I can't wait to get to heaven one day & be like "See! This is dad! You finally get to meet him!" Oh what a glorious day that will be. ••• I miss you more than this world could ever know, dad. But like you would always say, "I love you very much."❤️

Since Friday I have gotten 35 new followers on here.! I have no clue how or why haha but THANKS!🤗 so I wanted to post a couple things about me.! ••• I am 26. • I date a darling guy named Morgan who is my heartthrob. • I used to hate coffee then I worked at Starbucks for a hot second {6 weeks to be exact lol} & now I can't go a day without a cup of coffee & I love me some coffee mate hazelnut creamer in it. • I write a blog in hopes in inspire others. • I have pin straight hair & wish it was full & fabulous. • I work in retail. • I am one of 6 kids. • Big cities are so not my thing. • I was homeschooled until high school {woot woot!}. • I love to travel & see all the beautiful things God has created for us {the PNW is one of my fav places to go}. • I love sports. • I enjoy working out {most days ;)}. • I LOVE candy & sweets lol. • Farmer's Market flowers are one of my favorite things in the summer. • I suffer from anxiety {don't worry you aren't alone!}. • Leggings & big shirts/sweaters are my jam. • Annnnnd I can't think of anything else right now.! I am obvi always open to new friends & learning more about you! SO comment below your favorite candy, coffee drink, or place to travel so I can try something new.!! Love y'all & thanks for the follow😁 oh, & my fab aunt took this picture.! Check her out at @loispierpont.!!