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EMMA DILLON WBFF PRO  BBR Online Coach | Diet and Training Emma@bodiesbyrachel.com.au EHP Labs Athlete 12 WK Challenge 👇🏼

Just one day out from WBFF Worlds last year in London. Crazy how long ago that now seems! I rarely bother going back through my camera roll because my OCD gets the better of me and I end up getting annoyed at how many duplicates I have of the same photo 🙄😂 But I’m glad I found this! -
Every so often it’s nice to be reminded of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it; it’s nice to feel the reward for the hard work you’ve put into something 😍
Comp / Comp prep isn’t just about the physical outcome - YES this is still 100% a factor. But it’s everything you learn mentally that I love. The discipline, dedication, self-appreciation, gratitude, drive, perseverance, sacrifice; and mental strength that you gain from an experience like this is phenomenal. Unforgettable. Life changing. And so worth it ❤️

Family is everything ❤️

Keep trying. Stay humble. And most importantly, trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie 💞

Friday got me feelin’😍

What a roller coaster ride this week has been 🙈 Wouldn’t change it for the world though 😍 #TeamBBR

Reminiscing the weekend that was 💞
Our first official BBR event and what an incredible day it was 😍👯‍♀️
Thank you to everyone who came it was so lovely to meet you all!! Hope you were just as sore as I was after that workout 🙈😂

This workout was 🔥🔥🔥
Any glute workout for me almost ALWAYS has these two exercises in it. I’m obsessed 😂
Lately I’ve been pausing at the bottom of my squats and sumo deads until I feel my glutes reeeeaaaalllly stretch and engage; only then do I start the concentric part of the movement / coming up. My legs / quads can be super dominant. I find in doing this it allows for my glutes and hammies to have a chance to kick in / engage. I probably haven’t explained this overly well but if you give this a go you’ll actually FEEL the stretch / engagement happen. It’s crazy the different a slight pause makes - doesn’t have to be super long 😍
The banded lateral kicks I do with this I find also helps with activation 🔥
Emmy out 😘
PS ... but how bout my scrunchie 😛😂

Give your life and your dreams all that you’ve got; and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you 💞

When you’ve been trialling the @bodiesbyrachel Build a Booty Challenge and have been sore for 5 days straight - hellz yeh! 😭😂💃🏽✌🏼

Happy birthday Tenill-ey Perry 🎉
You loyal. I appreciate you. Love doing life with you boo-ting 😍
Always lifting me hiiiggghhheerrrr 💃🏽 -
You’re the Taylor to my Swift 👯‍♀️
How about we find some lit Drake lyrics 🙃
Gina out xo

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone🌴☀️ #WeekendVibin

Enjoy your weekend my bby’s 😛😘

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