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Emma Coburn  Professional Runner | World Champion🥇|Olympic Bronze Medalist🥉 | 7x US Champion🏅 | Steeplechase •New Balance •Helix

All the feels. Happy Birthday to my big bro @mistercoburn 💕💕💕💕 i hope you’re getting spoiled today. Wish I was there for a hug 🤗🤗🤗🤗 #happybirthday #bigbro #proudbrotherdriving

One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain. @aishapraughtleer taught me something new today and it was all pain (I’ll have to improve a bit to be as good as her! Notice that she doesn’t wobble and is stick straight where I am curved a little bit) #workworkworkworkwork #likeaboss #coreworkout #bosuball (🎵: Ariana Grande #thankunext)

On Wednesdays we wear pink (almost). 8 wonderful miles with the girls today 💕💕 #likeaboss @kk.edwards @domscottrunsa @aishapraughtleer @corymcgeeruns

Head down, working hard! My teammates crushed their workouts today. I crushed an easy run (hopefully building to workouts soon!). Baby steps 💃🏼 (way to crush today @domscottrunsa @aishapraughtleer @kk.edwards @corymcgeeruns @williamleer) #workworkworkworkwork #likeaboss 📷 @rollrecovery throwback pic from Crested Butte

Need a little #motivationmonday? If you’re feeling stagnant in your current routine and want to try something new, try this elevated hip flexor march! Gets the glutes, hip flexors, TFL, and core 💥💥💥 (link in bio to purchase bands) #workworkworkworkwork #therabandworkout #emmaminibands

Happy Birthday Daddio! I remember sitting in our living room my senior year of high school with my dad. It was winter, I was in the middle of basketball season and deciding if I wanted to run in college. My dad and I sat and casually talked about our days. Over the course of the conversation, he provided support of whatever I wanted to do, but also challenged me to think of what could be. Of what was possible and what could happen if I decided to be good and decided to commit. I remember having an “aha moment” and suddenly it all clicked. I could choose to commit, I could choose to be good and take a risk and try as hard as I could. This simple conversation changed my life and I wanted to send a belated thank you to @bcoburn1959 for that. Dad, you (with @tincupscout ) have provided endless support for your kids and loved us unconditionally while challenging us to be our best. I love you and happy birthday @bcoburn1959 !! (Swipe for a throwback from senior year of high school 🙈)

Boss Squad assemble! So excited to welcome @corymcgeeruns into our group. We’ve known each other since high school and been friends for years. I’m looking forward to many miles with you, Cory! @domscottrunsa @kk.edwards & @aishapraughtleer and I are ready to workkkkkkkkk 🙌🏻 #likeaboss (not pictured, our other teammates @williamleer @murf_da_surf @tripp_and_get_hurt & coach @joebosshard)

That feeling when all my girls are coming into town this week to train......time to work #likeaboss #workworkworkworkwork #teamnb

Bands bands bands! These mini resistance bands are one of the most important things I use outside of my running. I use them daily in my pre-run warm up and three times a week as part of my gym work. Great for helping with core, glute, hope stability and strength. Click the link in my bio to buy these bands for yourself and see some videos of how I use them! Each order includes 5 bands (of varying resistance from extra light to extra heavy) and a small bag to carry them in. Shop now and tag me in your posts using them! #emmaminibands #therabandworkout (📷 @aricvhphoto)

🤗🤗 30 minutes in Central Park today! So fit 💁🏼‍♀️ (jk jk) I’m so excited to cheer for everyone racing this weekend 💥💥💥 thanks for the run @aishapraughtleer & @williamleer (cheer for Will tomorrow during the 5k!) I’m in NYC until Sunday and will be at @nyrr @newbalance Run Center tomorrow from 12-1 with Alex Hutchinson to talk about Human Performance and his book Endure! (link in bio for details) #nycmarathon #nyrr #TeamNB

Back in Washington DC today to talk about WADA Reform 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 we spend our days (and years) training to compete on a world stage. I want to compete in a world where clean sport is the reality, not the dream. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this emergency special anti-doping summit happen. Athletes, governments, and NADOs joined forces today to present ideas for reform in WADA. I believe in WADA, but think that we need to reform elements in order to guarantee transparency, independence, and respect. #WhiteHouse4CleanSport #TheReformers #ReformWADA (give me a 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 if you agree) @usantidoping @whitehouse

I ran! 20 minutes. Woo. Victorrrrryyyy (said in Jonny Drama voice). 6.5 weeks off the ground, excited to get a taste of it today 🤗 #likeaboss #teamNB

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