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Emma Cope  Savile Row Undercutter.

Chopping myself an overcoat! Using @dugdalebrosandco navy overcoating wool cloth

Last week of my art course. Painting very much still work in progress!

Suited up! Jacket tailored by @just_cutting_it , waistcoat and trousers cut and tailored by myself using @hollandandsherryapparel wool and cashmere check.

Adding the collar. Bespoke jacket using @hollandandsherryapparel cloth

Facing fullness


Week 2: Learning how to mix colour @csmshortcourses #mycsm

And so it begins.... bring on the paint! 🎨

Pocket flaps. Curving corners.

Waistcoat making on a Sunday

Back detail of my latest creation using lacemaking techniques. Photography @un____usual