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Emma Price  "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us" Calvin

Such a wonderful time with such wonderful people. I won’t forget you guys 💕

Let’s Galapa-go!

I suck at panoramas

And there wasn’t even a filter. Just dorks dorkin’ around in the dark

Watch out for a new edit from @jacob.h.price

There’s something just absolutely dandy about crack climbing. Maybe it’s the painful jammin, the people, the ledge naps, or the fact that it’s just plain amazing ✌️
Thanks @_tig.ger_ @collinprice44 for the 📷 and for taking us on yet another adventure #forthefunofit #tradisrad

Jumping into finals week is looking to be a bit more difficult than Plumbers Crack was. Turns out 5.9/ V2 off width is easier than writing essays

Photo creds to the amazing, one and only, @kieran.hadley

We never really know what’s gonna walk through the door. Maybe it’s that pesky mailman that never seems to get the picture. Or maybe it’s something really happy and positive that walks into your life. I guess the scariest part is when that happiness goes away for a while, you never know if it’s gonna come back. Like my friend, Zeppelin, I’m still looking for something. Maybe I’ll find it in this wonderful place called the South!

Don’t you just love when your life starts feeling pretty darn good?
Thanks @sonjajohanson for capturing one of my (rare) good camera moments

The desert is taking over my instagram. It’s okay, I’m in the south now, we can find some crimpy boulders, some off width boulders, and some slopey boulders to take a look at. The fun has only begun🤗🤙🍍 thanks @kieran.hadley for sending my mom the pics so she could send to me ;)

What an adventure! What amazing people there are in this world, and it’s amazing how much I still have to learn from these stupendous folks. A wonderful time, but I’m excited for us to embark on this next adventure! Cause not only do I get to see some lovely familiar faces, but we are gonna be seeing some new ones as well. Here’s to a fun next quarter.
Thanks @kieran.hadley for the rad photos and an extra spot in your Prius for a frozen kiddo like myself!

Who can spot the scared off width climber?? Thanks so much to @ladylockoff for showing me a whole new world🌎❤️
#offwidtharmy #ilovecrack #ladycrushers

Does this crack make my butt look big?

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