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Emily Avila  I watch too much tv and don't get enough sleep πŸ‘½πŸŒŒ

I finally got to take mom to #MonsterJam , it only took about 3 years of her hinting at wanting to go. Glad we did because we always have fun together πŸ’–

There were more fights than there were goals by the Gladiators πŸ’₯πŸ’

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister who is also their best friend. I can never put into words how much you mean to me sestra. I love you so much πŸ’•

It's morphin' time β™₯β€πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’–

Nochebuena ha pasado πŸŽ„ Let's end this year on a high note.
2017, where you at?

Didn't get to experience a win in Wrigleyville but it was still an amazing atmosphere, with amazing people, and I have never felt more at home. I am so incredibly proud of my boys for not going down without a fight. Tomorrow is the final test. We will #FlyTheW #ChicagoCubs β€πŸ»βšΎπŸ’™

I am home and surrounded by family #FlyTheW #WrigleyField #ChicagoCubs β€πŸ»βšΎπŸ’™

πŸ•βœŒπŸ˜΄ Friday vibes

Gotta catch 'em all! It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny. || We always wanted to be the very best. #fbf

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel weird or sad that my sister just got married, the answer is no. On the contrary, I am so excited because Griseli has found someone who makes her happy, someone who sees the beauty she doesn't see in herself, someone who is a lover and a best friend, and Marco has found the same in my sister. I love you both very much, even if I don't say it as much as you like me to. I hope you both continue to love, continue to forgive, and continue to grow. But never forget that a healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person be the best version of themselves. Also, one last piece of advice, don't go spending all your money on Chipotle. πŸ‘°πŸ’‘πŸ’• #GriseliYMarco

A day late on the birthday post but whatevs. @grisavi , you're the best sister anyone could ask for. If I had to choose my own sister, it would still be you. You are so strong and so beautiful (inside and out) You are capable of so much and you have so much love to give. So glad I have someone by my side when they sing Happy Birthday, it's less awkward this way 😝 #WhatsMyAgeAgain β™ŠπŸ’–πŸ’

When dad goes to the liquor store and brings back a pint of Peach Bellini #RealMVP

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